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1/18/2017 02:47:00 pm
Former London boxer Gareth Payne lost both his legs in a horrific train accident in the UK seventeen years ago. 

YESTERDAY: He battles to make it in Bangkok by selling burgers on the street.

TODAY: Handicapped burger seller says his "life has collapsed" after media attention..!!

Photos of Payne grilling meat at his humble burger cart, called “No Name Burgers,” have caught the attention of local media this week. Many Thais honor him as a good example of someone who doesn’t give up.

In January 2000, the boxer went for a run and lost consciousness while running over train tracks. The boxer woke up at the hospital and realized he had lost both of his legs, Payne told Kon Jai Sports.

Aside from selling English-style pork burgers, Payne now teaches boxing to children and raises a lovely family in Bangkok.

His food cart is located at Sammakorn Village in Khlong Sam Wa. He sells pork burgers and chicken kebabs for only THB60.

Feel free to give this vendor a visit and follow him on Facebook.

Source: Sanook


Handicapped burger seller says his "life has collapsed" after media attention..!!

The westerner with no legs who created a sensation on social media after being featured selling burgers in Bangkok says his life is being ruined.

Now the former airline pilot has decided to shut down his stall in Nimit Mai Road, Bangkok.

Gareth Payne said on his No Name Burger Facebook fan page that he had been "verbally attacked". He cited other farangs "on some site" as being responsible. He said that people were "talking so bad" about him and he just wanted to make people happy and be left alone.

In a heartfelt plea the family man added yesterday evening: "Thank you everyone who has been supportive. But this has gone way too far. People debating my life career and just wanting to talk about me.... both good and bad.

"I have had to shut down. It breaks my heart to see my world collapse like this. I will not be opening again. For a long time. I am so sorry. All the likes, questions and people following. It's just way too much. I only wanted to make people happy. Show that we are all equal. But once again a few nasty people can't see good in my work and want to hurt me. Sadly they don't think of the hurt to my family my friends or my children by talking how they do...... good luck everyone. Sorry you didn't taste my burgers...Gareth. aka Gaz".

Mr Payne lost both his legs after going out jogging and fainting. He fell on a railway track and a train went over him. He said on his page that this happened in the UK.

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