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1/06/2017 04:03:00 pm
Robber killed a student for his iPhone.
Police have launched a manhunt who killed a university student before snatching his iPhone.

**Murderer who killed man just for his iPhone arrested in Bangkok**

The robbery took place in Soi Sukhonthasawat 27 at about 11 pm on Wednesday night. The victim, Wasin Leungjam is reported to be a student of Srinakharinwirot University.

Video footage at the crime scene which was examined by the police shows the two suspected robbers in the act of robbing their victim whose name was withheld by the police.

Warning: This video contains graphic images.

Pol Lt-Gen Sanit Mahathavorn, the metropolitan police commissioner, on Thursday chaired a meeting with police officers in charge of investigating the robbery case. He said the case was purely robbery as the victim did not have any known enemies.

He suspected the robbers stabbed the victim to death because the latter refused to hand over his iPhone to them. He said he was confident that the culprits would soon be arrested.


Murderer who killed man just for his iPhone arrested in Bangkok.

The man who murdered a graduate student in a Bangkok street for his iPhone has been arrested.

He had just been let out of jail on December 14th.

The attack was part of a crime spree committed Wednesday night in the Lat Prao area with another man who remains at large.

Kittikorn (Tom) Wikaha, 26, repeated stabbed Wasin Leuangjaem, 26, in a horrific attack caught on CCTV.

The victim is a former student of Srinakharinwirot Univesity who had worked at Suvarabhumi airport and was training to be a pilot. He is the son of a doctor.

A smirking Kittikorn was paraded for the press at Khok Khram police station in the early hours of this morning.

He said about his victim: "If he hadn't fought back he'd still be alive".

He told police that he had seen the victim playing with his iPhone about 10pm on Wednesday night and decided to rob him. He pretended to ask him the way somewhere and when he turned he made a grab for the phone but the victim resisted. So he stabbed him repeated to stop him fighting back. He said he was not high on drugs and asked for justice. He said there were two sides to the story and people should not just take one side from social media.

"I didn't mean to stab him in the neck or kill him," he said.

He had been in jail eight times and was recently let out on December 14th. He had tried selling fruit near where he lived in Wat Koo, Pak Kret, but he couldn't escape from debt.

Police arrested him at that location, last night.

Head of the metropolitan police Sanit Mahathavorn told reporters that Kittikorn and his accomplice had been involved in an extensive crime spree on Wednesday night. Firstly, they had tried and failed to steal a bag from a woman at 10pm in Sukhonthasawat Soi 27.

Then twenty minutes later in the same soi came the murder incident.

But that was not the end of it. At 1.45 am they stole an iPhone 5 from a woman in Sukhonthasawat Soi 9 in the Chok Chai area of Lat Prao.

Finally at 2.30 am they stole a bag containing 5,000 baht from another woman.

Much of the evidence from the robberies was on show last night.

Sanit said that Kittikorn had been jailed for various offences including drugs, distributing pornographic material and assault. His latest spell inside was for offences related to krathom leaves. He has been in and out of custody since age 13, he said.

He has initially been charged with armed robbery causing death and carrying a weapon.

Source: Thai PBS & Daily News

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  1. And he will be out soon... Because thai law are too kind with criminal like this... went in jail 8 times already.. Still doing that shit..

    RIP to the one who will never make his dream become true and pray for him another better life..