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Two Men Wanted Over Brits Murder Have Fled The Country.

Police have identified two men wanted for questioning in connection with the murder of a British man in Pattaya on Tuesday.

Investigators identified the men wanted for the murder of Tony Kenway in broad daylight as 27-year-old Miles Dicken Turner, a British national, and 23-year-old Abel Bonito Caldeira from South Africa.

Both men left Thailand together on Wednesday afternoon crossing into Cambodia at the Cham Yeam border checkpoint in the Khlong Yai district of Trat province.

Using CCTV footage from around the area of the murder, police traced the motorbike used to flee the scene back to a local bike rental company who had the name, address and copy of the getaway driver Miles Turner’s passport.

When they arrived at his rented room, the Brit had already packed and left.

Checking the immigration database they soon found both he and the shooter left Thailand just after 3pm on Wednesday. It was also revealed that Abel Bonit only arrived in Thailand last week via the same border crossing.

Thai police are now working with Cambodian authorities in a bid to track down the pair.

Tony Kenway, 39, with his Thai wife Somporn, who went by the nickname Pas.
Tony Kenway, 39, pictured with wife Somporn, was blasted in the head just moments after leaving the gym

Emergency services try to resuscitate Mr Kenway after he is shot in the head

CCTV footage shows web developer Tony strolling towards a red Cayenne GTS 4×4 style sports car at around 2pm local time (5am GMT) in holiday destination Pattaya, Thailand.

A man can be seen following behind him, opening the door and blasting him once in the head – killing him instantly – before speeding off on a waiting motorcycle.

Mr Kenway’s devastated younger sister Kirsty, 31, told: “We have no idea what happened.”

Paying tribute to him, Kirsty, who lives in Southampton, said her brother married 32-year-old Somporn – nicknamed Pans – five years ago.

She said the pair had two children of their own – a daughter aged three and a baby born in September – and Mr Kenway also had a ten-year-old stepson in Spain and a son, nine.

“We speak quite regularly and I visited him over Christmas. We had an amazing time, taking the kids to water parks and he spent a lot of time with his niece.

“He loved being with his family. He absolutely adored his kids and he enjoyed playing with his baby son and he just made sure he looked after his children,”.

“He had a brilliant life out there and he did a lot for charity, and helped build some schools. He had even met the future King of Thailand.

“Pans [his wife] is brilliant and she was the light of his life. She’s devastated by what’s happened.”

The gunman is seen following Tony Kenway, in white, as he leaves the gym, 

British businessman shot dead in Thailand moments after leaving the gym

CCTV shows the gunman going up to the door of the car before blasting him in the head

Police and ambulance crews rushed to the scene outside the Sanit Sport Club but Mr Kenway was pronounced dead.

Pictures taken by rescue workers show the businessman - with two distinctive tattoos across his shoulders - on the seat covered in blood.

A spokesman for Sawang Borriboon Rescue Pattaya said: ''We arrived at the scene at 10.20am in front of the Sanit Sport Club.

''The businessman was in a sports car. We were notified that there had been a foreigner who was shot in the area.

''We found this person sleeping in the car and dead from a gun shot to the head. Gun shot casings were on the floor.

''The deceased is Tony Kenway, 39, a British businessman. He had been working out before going back to his car and the attacker was waiting.

''He shot one round. The shooter then fled on a motorcycle.''

The killing happened in Pattaya in Thailand - around 100 miles from Bangkok

The killer is described as a chubby man, wearing a white T-shirt and a black jacket, sports shoes and a cap that partly hid his face.

He had been seen standing under a shelter in front of a fitness shop.

Police collected a single spent bullet cartridge case and a cigarette butt from the crime scene for examination.

Kenway's wife Somporn told police her husband had set up a company doing website design at Jomtien Beach.

The Sanit Sport Club said in a statement: "We are very sad to announce the death of Tony Kenway who lost his life this morning.

"We would like to offer Tony's family and friends our deepest sympathy and condolences at this difficult time. RIP Tony."

A spokesman for Nong Prue Polcie in Pattaya said: ''We have started an investigation and we are looking for the attackers.

''The victim has been identified as Tony Kenway, a 39-year-old man from England. We are speaking with more witnesses.''

A spokeswoman for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office said: “We are in contact with the family of a British man following his death in Pattaya, Thailand.

"Our sympathies are with them at this difficult time.

"We are in touch with the local police.”

Source: The Sun

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