Thursday, 12 January 2017

1/12/2017 02:49:00 pm

Man and woman latest arrests in police ordered killing.

A man was paid just 3,000 baht to murder a woman.

The news came after a top policeman was held for his involvement in the murder.

Arrested last night were Phoomithat "Um" Phiboonsawat, 24, and Miss Kannika "Dao" Krumram, 38. The former gave himself up to Kanchanaburi cops while the latter was arrested on a warrant in Buriram.

Both were held pending interview today. Also held in Taling Chan, Bangkok, were Bang Pong police superintendent Amnuay Pongsawat and Niwat "Joke" Suaythong.

Body in love triangle case found buried.

Amnuay is believed to have ordered the killing of Suphatsorn Phonthaisong, 28, who was found buried at a deserted resort in Kanchanaburi yesterday evening.

"Um" was paid just 3,000 baht for his involvement in the murder.

"Dao" was angry with the victim who took her money to spent on other women.

It was again reported in the Thai press that the victim was a "good looking 'Tom' ".

Source: Daily News

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