Saturday, 28 January 2017

1/28/2017 05:39:00 pm
Russian scumbag scams Pattaya women into flashing with fake 100 dollar bill

Police are tracking down YouTuber "ViktorCrazyTV" who posted a video of himself luring Thai women into taking off their tops in exchange for a fake 100 dollar bill.

Viktor Crazy has uploaded several videos from Pattaya in the past week including, “Girls Want To Have Sex” in which he walks around in a Borat style mankini.

Pattaya police are investigating whether the Russian YouTuber, who has 83,000 subscribers, has left the country as they prepare to charge him for using counterfeit money. He may also face other charges under the cybercrime laws for posting the video.

Police are also trying to find the Thai women in the video for questioning.

In the poorly-titled video, called "ASK GIRLS TAKE OFF ALL CLOTHES FOR MONEY!! HOW MUCH SHOW?!," the Russian scammer, who labels himself an “artist,” approaches women on the streets of Pattaya, pretends to be American, and asks them to take off their clothes while filming their reaction with a hidden camera.

"I'm from America, you know. I'm from Las Vegas, you know! Just I'm crazy! I just need...put my money off. I'd like to give you 100 dollars if you just take off your bra, right now, right here!" he said in the video.

In this five-minute long clip he approaches about a dozen women on Beach Road offering them $100 to show him their boobs. A few spot his forged notes and call him out but many are more than willing to earn what they thought was a quick buck.

In another he named “Do You Wanna Suck” the Ukrainian – who claims he’s an American from Las Vegas – misleads women into thinking he wants a blowjob before handing them a lollipop and then the one that caught the attention of cops.

According to the video, three women fall for the scam and guide the guy into a private area to take their clothes off, while some figured out that he was offering them fake money.

I’ve shared all three videos he recorded in Pattaya below but be warned, Viktor and his crap jokes will make you cringe big time. 

He just looks and acts like a first class cockwomble.

So basically you’re lying and scamming women into showing you their body and putting it on YouTube. You're complete scum, 3,500 baht is a lot of money here in thailand. It’s not a joke. Also learn to speak english, your accent makes you sounded retarded.

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