Tuesday, 24 January 2017

1/24/2017 04:03:00 pm
Vancouver woman's holiday in Thailand ended in tragedy when the Jeep she was in rolled down an embankment in heavy rains last week, killing her and severely injuring a friend.

Ali Lambert (left) died from the injuries of a traffic accident in Thailand, her father Doug told CBC. Her friend, Nezabravka (Nezi) Borislavova, was seriously injured.

Ali Lambert, 22, died from her injuries, her father Doug told CBC.

Now, family and friends are trying to raise money to pay for her friend, Nezabravka (Nezi) Borislavova's, medical bills and to bring her back home to Canada.

Doug Lambert says his daughter's rented Jeep apparently had trouble with heavy rains, as they were driving from Bangkok to Phuket.

"We've been told it hit a light standard," he said. "The Jeep was completely destroyed ... Ali was non-responsive when she was taken to the hospital."

Nezabravka Borislavova was seriously injured in the traffic accident.

Lambert said Borislavova, who is from Calgary and also in her 20s, was a good friend of his daughter.

"From what I hear, Nezi will be okay. She has a couple of broken bone but she does not have medical insurance," he said.

Family and friends are fundraising to help cover Borislavova's medical bills. She did not have travel medical insurance.

Ali was in the sixth month of a trip through Europe and Asia, Doug said. He's not sure when Borislavova joined Lambert in Asia.

"Ali didn't have a return ticket booked."

Lambert said his family has been told it might take some time to bring Ali's body back to Canada. He said the family is shocked and reeling from the loss.

"She was an artist and adventurer at heart," he said. "She was a real alternative kid. She chose a different path for herself.

We're just very glad we got to know her for 22 years."

Canadian consular officials say they are providing assistance to the family as well to relatives of another Canadian who was injured.

"Our thoughts are with the family and friends of the Canadian citizen who passed away in Thailand," said John Babcock, a Global Affairs spokesman, in an email.

"Our officials are in contact with local authorities to gather additional information."

Source: CBC

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  1. Sad to be sure, but why in this day and age , would anyone be so foolish as "not" to have travel ins. I would not go to Spain without, let alone A "third" world Thailand