Friday, 17 February 2017

2/17/2017 03:44:00 pm
Brit Refuses To Pay Bar Bill, Gets High Heel

 To The Face in Soi 8, Pattaya.

A female bartender in Pattaya attacked an 

Englishman after the the farang refused to pay 

for, what he called, an expensive beer.

An angry Rungnapha Pleumjai, 43, admitted to hitting an elderly Brit at Patsy Beer Bar with her shoe, after he refused to pay full price for his beer. His reason was that it wasn’t a “convenience store price.”

“I told him this is a beer bar not 7-Eleven, and he said he wouldn’t pay his bill,” Roongnapa told police. “We charge 90 Baht for a beer, but he tried to pay us 30 Baht.”

Now, if you drink beer from 7-Eleven, you know that even the cheapest can is about 38 Baht, it’s never as low as 30 Baht.

The Brit, identified as David Alaw Lodge, 63, suffered from a bruised forehead and eye socket.

Roongnapa was charged for assault leading to injury of another person.

Pattaya police blamed the woman for damaging the reputation of Thai tourism. Yet no one said that the Brit damaged the reputation of British people, nor was there any discussion of him being charged for refusing to pay his bill.

Source: Sanook

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  1. I'd give the arrogant prick another one to match. What a total arsehole