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2/25/2017 03:51:00 am
The British serial burglar Charlie Machin, who

 has been on the run from police for at least 

two years, finally arrested yesterday in 


with another series of burglaries. 

Charlie Machin, 54, was apprehended at his rental house in Soi Na Koh, Cherng Talay, with 67 items stolen from at least three homes. He was previously wanted for robbing a Swedish man’s home in Kata of about 200,000 baht in valuables, in March 2015. 

STORY 2015:

Karon Police are still trying to track down a British thief, known only by his alias ‘Charlie Machin’, who is wanted for robbing a Swedish man’s home of about 200,000 baht in valuables in March.

“We only have this name and a few pictures of him. All farang [Caucasians] look the same. It has been very hard to find him,” Lt Chamaiporn Supakom of the Karon Police told the Phuket Gazette.

“We checked with Phuket Immigration, but they have no record of a Charlie Machin in Phuket.”

Police originally learned the name ‘Charlie Machin’ from hospital records, but staff at Thalang Hospital confirmed that Mr Machin was not asked to present a passport during his visit.

Despite the lack of information and leads, police are continuing their search for the mysterious Mr Machin.

“If anyone has any information about Mr Machin or his whereabouts, please call the Karon Police at 076-396393 or 098-013 1191 at any time of the day or night,”.


At that time, police had collected CCTV footage from cameras at the victim’s house, which showed Mr Machin breaking into the house. However, the Phuket Immigration Office could find no record of anyone with that name having arrived in Phuket.

“On Wednesday, a Belarus national named Andrei Kruhlik filed a complaint regarding a robbery at his house in Cherng Talay,” said Cherng Talay Police Superintendent Serm Kwannimit. 

“We checked the house and questioned others in the area to find more evidence. One of the neighbors told us that they had seen a suspicious looking foreigner on a black and red bike parked in front of Mr Kruhlik’s house. We checked CCTV footage and followed the GPS location on one of the stolen iPhones to apprehend him at his place of residence,” he added.

Police initially seized two iPhones, an Ipad, a Canon camera, a Macbook, two wallets, four passports, a pack of keys, a buffalo drive, a bag and a Yamaha bike, as well as the equipment he used to break into homes.

A further search of his house revealed 53 additional stolen items, including watches, laptops, phones, cameras, jewelry and glasses, among other items.

Mr Machin confessed to breaking into Mr Kruhlik’s house as well as several others in Kamala, Thalang and Sakoo. He said that he stored the items in his house until they were sold off one by one. He was charged with theft and taken to Cherng Talay Police Station.

“We have already informed the British Embassy about this. We have also informed all other police stations so other victims can contact us to check for their belongings,”.

Source: Gazette

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