Thursday, 2 February 2017

2/02/2017 06:32:00 pm
1. Danish Man ARNE NIELSEN Arrested For Allegedly Buy Sex From Underage Boys

Danish Man Arrested for Sex with Thai Boy's

A 73-year-old Danish man was arrested in Pattaya on Wednesday morning for allegedly paying underage boys for sex.

Police apprehended ARNE NIELSEN at a beer bar in Soi Sunee Plaza at around 11am on Wednesday morning after a warrant was issued for his arrest following an official complaint by the mother of one of his alleged victims.

It was reported Nielsen paid a 17-year-old boy 500 baht to perform oral sex on each other. However, when the teenagers mother found out she went to a child protection foundation

The Dane was held for further questioning and Thai media reported police would carry out further investigations before pressing any charges.

2. Serbs Arrested For Flogging Fake Gold.

Three Serbian nationals were paraded at a police press conference on Tuesday after they were caught red-handed selling fake gold in Bangkok.

The gang, made up of a husband and wife team plus another male friend, sold a necklace to a gold shop on Chakrapong Road in the Banglamphu area of the city, receiving 45,000 baht in cash from the owner.

Soon after leaving the shop it was soon discovered the necklace was in fact silver coated in gold and the owner took to the official Gold Traders association Line app to warn others.

The message included a screenshot from CCTV of the gang and the sneaky Serbs were soon spotted by another eagle-eyed gold shop owner who alerted police.

The gang were arrested as they attempted to sell another dodgy necklace and soon charged with fraud after admitting they had brought a haul of necklaces and bangles to Thailand to sell as they knew the price of gold here was high.

All three denied knowing the jewellery was fake.

3. Frenzied, naked farang wields knife at locals in Pattaya.

Foreign Streaker with Knife causes Mayhem.

Central Pattaya residents were terrified and perplexed by a crazed, naked farang who ran amok with a knife last night at midnight.

Pattaya police received a report that a mad man went on a rampage without any clothes on at Mae Wilai Market in Central Pattaya. They found a completely naked farang, estimated to be 25 - 30 years old, wandering around and threatening to attack anyone who approached him.

Police spent 20 minutes taking him down. He was taken to Muang Pattaya police station to calm down. However, there is no information about his identity, nationality or reason for his strange behavior.

A street vendor, Thongyip Chomdee, who witnessed the butt naked madness, said that the man carried a knife and a screwdriver and went about damaging stuff and threatening people. 

Fearing for her life, she closed and locked the door, but the man tried to break in and attack her. Luckily, the police got there before he succeeded.

Source: Sanook

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