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US citizen found dead inside a hotel room

 shortly after visiting a hospital & Because 

poor health: American jumped from 10th floor.

Police discovered the body of a dead American national inside a hotel room.

Pol Maj Batapi Srichai, an investigator at Patong Provincial Police Station, was notified of the death by a hotel employee, he said: “We received a report of the incident at about 15:30. The deceased was 58-years-old and stayed at the Orange Hotel.”

Upon arriving at the scene, police found the mean, whose name is being withheld until relatives have been informed, lying face up on the bed. “He had no wounds or marks on his body and nothing out of the ordinary,” Pol Maj Batapi told.

The hotel receptionist told police that the victim had visited a hospital on Saturday, but had not left his room since then. The staff had then decided to use a spare key to get inside his room and check on their guest where they found the man’s body.

“There was no sign of a struggle, forced entry or ransacking in the room,” Pol Maj Batapi said. “The victim’s body was taken to Patong Hospital to determine the cause of death, but it seems like he may have had a pre-existing medical condition.”

His poor health moved an 86-year-old American to end his life by jumping from a luxury condominium.

Thong Lo Police Station was notified of the apparent suicide at 03:00 Wednesday morning. Together with other police officers, rescue workers and an emergency doctor from King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital, deputy investigator Pol Capt Patanapong Sirijaroennam was sent to the scene of the incident.

Arriving at the Thong Lo Tower, an 18-storey luxury condominium in Soi Sukhumvit 55 (Soi Thong Lo 18), police were led to the dead body of the American Bernard Kasher, 86. “He was laying next to the fire exit of building A,” Pol Capt Patanapong said according to Matichon Online. “He was in a bad physical shape.”

Laying on his side in a pool of blood, Mr Kasher sustained multiple skull fractures from the impact which scattered bits of his brain around his head, police described his condition. A broken and twisted leg was also noted in the interim report.

In his pocket, officers found a piece of paper stating his full name, address, mobile phone number as well as a photograph of Mr Kasher. Police bagged the content as evidence.

“From a business card also found in his pocket, we learned that Mr Kasher was the father of Namjuri “Julie” Kasher,” Pol Capt Patanapong confirmed. Ms Namjuri, who also goes by the name DJ JJ or DJ Jay Jay, is a well-known DJ on the radio channel Eazy FM 105.5.

Police entered room no. 786/191-192 on the 10th floor where Mr Kasher had lived and were surprised to find Ms Namjuri who at that point had not yet been aware of her father’s death. “When we told her what happened, she ran downstairs and burst into tears,” Pol Capt Patanapong described the tragic moment.

The investigator went on: “Ms Namjuri told us that she last saw her father at around 21:00 the day before in the apartment they had been sharing.”

After inspecting the rooms, police found a farewell letter in English by Mr Kasher. In it, he wrote that he had been suffering for a long time from a series of health conditions that had a great negative impact on his life. Pol Capt Patanapong believed that this was the reason for Mr Kasher’s suicide.

However, police stressed that the investigation into the case was still ongoing. “We will talk to Mr Kasher’s daughter once again and review CCTV footage recorded around the area.” Meanwhile, Mr Kasher’s body has been sent to King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital to perform a post-mortem examination.

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