Sunday, 26 February 2017

2/26/2017 03:49:00 am
The Dutchman Olav Baartmans, wanted for 

almost ten years in relation to a major 

investment fraud case is Saturday arrested at 

the airport in Bangkok. 

Olav Wilhelmus Johannes Baartmans has been hiding out in Thailand (Yes, Pattaya) since August 2007 with Thai police hunting him for the past two years after they were made aware he was in the country.

Olav B. was sentenced in an investment fraud case "Golden Sun", in which he played according to court one of the leading roles.

It is alleged Baartmans overseen a company of crooks conning people into investing in Turkish properties with promises of huge returns that never materialised.

Olav B. scammed more then 700 people for 50.000 Euro each.

From Amsterdam's investment office Hooghuys and Versteegh offered B. in 2006 with his accomplices investments in Golden Sun resorts, a golf resort in the Turkish resort of Alanya.

Those who invested at least fifty thousand euro, was credited monthly 12.8 percent interest and would recover the entire investment over three years. More than seven hundred people raised money in the project, they could forget about their money. In total more then 70 million Euro.

Baartmans, who did not carry a passport, was detained as he went to meet a friend at the airport. He was initially charged with staying in Thailand without permission.

Interpol Thailand office head Pol Maj-General Apichat Suriboonya was informed by Interpol Netherlands two years ago that the suspect had fled to Thailand in August 2007.

It is alleged he led a transnational gang that preyed on people in various European countries, persuading them to invest in Turkish properties with a promise of huge returns within a short time.

Source: RTL

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