Friday, 24 February 2017

2/24/2017 06:07:00 pm


Railway cleaners at Hualampong Station got a

nasty shock yesterday afternoon when they 

fetched a key to open a toilet door that was 

locked on the inside.

In the toilet they found the lifeless body of a foreign female tourist aged about 25 who had apparently hanged herself from a handle on the back of the door.

Police were called to the station and investigated the scene on the Lampang to Bangkok train. The woman was clothed and there was a bag containing cosmetics next to her.

She had fresh needle marks on her left arm and signs of lacerations to her right wrist. There was one US banknote in her pocket.

The train had left Lampang on Wednesday at 10am and reached Bangkok at 5.20am. There it was believed that all the passengers had alighted.

Cleaners boarded the train in the early afternoon before the train was scheduled to return to the north. Then the discovery of the body was made.

The body was sent for autopsy and police are checking for reports of foreigners reported missing. They hope to find a trace of the dead woman on CCTV to help with identifying her through her ticket purchase.

There was no ID on the body.

Police believe she committed suicide in the toilet.

Source: Thairath

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