Wednesday, 15 February 2017

2/15/2017 04:21:00 pm

A car on its way in Cha Am collided with a

scooter, killing both German riders Mr Helmut 

Georg Schmidt (74) and Mrs Helmut Georg 

Schmidt (64) instantly.

The fatal accident happened while Sommai Tiamtad, the 30-years-old driver of the car, and his girlfriend, who did not wish to be named, were on their way to go shopping in Bangkok. The white Honda Jazz (registration: 1 กค 377 Bangkok) was speeding down Phetkasem Rd in Phetchaburi’s Cha-Am district when they suddenly hit a scooter.

Eyewitnesses had informed Cha-Am Provincial Police Station of the crash as it took place at 14:20 on Tuesday afternoon. Police quickly dispatched officers and highway police rescue workers to the scene of the accident at kilometre 185+500 near Cha-Am Granite.

“The woman was laying in the middle of the road whereas her husband was thrown to the side of the road,” Pol Lt Adwaripad Chaiyotri said according to the Thai news media Thairath. “We did not find any crash helmets in the area, so we assume they did not wear any,” he added.

Police later identified the couple as Mr Helmut Georg Schmidt (74) and Mrs Anna Tangel (64), both German citizens. The two sustained severe injuries to their heads and had broken limbs.


An emergency physician from Cha-Am Hospital said that the victims had already been dead when police help arrived.

About 50 metres from the crash site, police found the wrecked Honda Click, registered under ขขว 920 Phetchaburi, which Mr Schmidt and Mrs Tangel were riding. “We’ve asked the driver of the car how the accident happened,” Pol Lt Adwaripad told Thai media. “He said while they were driving at high speed, the scooter changed to the car’s lane without any warning.”

Mr Sommai said he attempted to hit the breaks, but the impact had made them unusable. The scooter crashed into the left front side of the car and damaged the windshield. The German couple was catapulted through the air and landed face down on the hard asphalt of the road where they died.


Rescue volunteers transported Mr Schmidt and Mrs Tangel to Cha-Am Hospital nearby. “The car also had a dash cam,” Pol Lt Adwaripad mentioned. “We will first view the footage of the accident before we decide if we press charges.”

Source: Thairath

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