Tuesday, 21 February 2017

2/21/2017 03:18:00 pm
A leading hospital in Chiang Mai has hit back

 at online allegations that they have been using

 needles more than once to inject sick people.

The claims raged online after a video: now deleted, showed that a patient was getting shots from the same needle that had already been used.

Many people online said that it was scandalous that the hospital was risking the health of patients by trying to save money on needles.

What would happen if someone got infected through sharing needles, they demanded.

The drama has caused the Rachawet Chiang Mai Hospital considerable trouble said director Dr Weerachart Lertnitikun.

He said that the footage that emerged two or three days ago was all a big misunderstanding.

He said that the poster of the footage was the relative of a diabetic person. It was the diabetic's own personal needle that they had already used at home to inject insulin.

Guidelines in Thailand state that needles for personal use in injecting insulin can be used up to three times.

Dr Weerachart said that it had nothing to do with the hospital being economical and trying to save money.

He stressed further that despite international regulations that hospitals could use needles up to five times for insulin jabs his hospital had a policy of one use only for injections of all kinds.

He added that the person who posted the clip did not understand all aspects of care for diabetics or might have had some other motive.

Source: Sanook

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