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2/04/2017 07:41:00 pm
Junta slammed as Pattaya 32 Baht Buses taken off the street.

The junta acted on what they called “D-Day” for the Baht buses that carry people around the resort.

On February 1st the Military Junta's new Baht Bus regulation came into force.

The Thai public have turned on the military as they began a crackdown on the activities of Pattaya’s baht buses this week.

The junta acted on what they called “D-Day” for the Baht buses that carry people around the resort. Thirty two vehicles were impounded for picking up passengers in un-designated areas. 

Waiting for a Bus to Jomtien

It says that Baht Buses will only be allowed to use one lane of the road and must only stop at designated areas.

On the first day the Military Junta already impounded thirty-two Baht Buses for picking up passengers at un-designed areas. To get the Buses back, the drivers have to wait 3 days and pay a hefty fine, they were told.

Since February 1st only Line 5 Buses (Naklua - Na Jomtien) have the right to pick-up Jomtien bound passengers in front of School 8 on Pattaya Second Road. But the Bus Stop isn't marked.

Unmarked Bus Stop in front of Wat Chai Mongkron.

The Buses are waiting on South Road in front of Wat Chai Mongkron, but the Bus Stop is again not marked - and it is not clear if the Buses run until Sukhumvit or turn directly into Pattaya Third Road.

Line 6 (South Pattaya - Naklua) Buses have to stop in front of School 8, but on South Road. This Bus Stop is also not marked.

Readers complained that there are NO Buses running on Pattaya South Road. That is not correct. 

We made a test and waited for a Bus in front of Pattaya City Resort, an area marked as a Bus Stop. The first Bus came after about 30 minutes, a second one just 15 minutes later. 

For a third one we had to wait a full hour!

Be aware: Many Buses are overloaded!

On Soi Buakhaow there are NO marked Bus Stop area and on Tuesday and Friday, during South Pattaya Market, the Buses run in one direction only.

Third Road has a Bus Stop in front of the new SN Plus Hotel, but not where people like to diner and/or spend their time for night entertainment.

The implementation of the new regulation led to a complete disaster. It shows once again that military men know to dictate but obviously miss the ability to think and organize correctly.

Source: Pattaya News

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