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1. On Koh Samui, a sightseeing trip took a tragic turn when the 77-year-old Swiss man Andery Francois Alfons and his Thai girlfriend plunged down a steep slope with their scooter, killing the Swiss driver.

The horrible accident was reported to Koh Samui Provincial Police Station at 16:30 by Bunchu Dampin. Mr Dampin, who works at the Koh Samui Provincial Electricity Authority, witnessed the crash with his own eyes.

“I was driving up the Kao Bom mountain when I heard the noise of an incoming scooter with two people chatting loudly behind a curve,” Mr Dampin remembered. When the bike reached the curve only moments later, he saw the vehicle ridden by a foreign man and a Thai woman plunging down a slope.

“I immediately called the police,” Mr Dampin said, which arrived shortly later at the scene of the accident. “The asphalt road up and down the mountain is dangerous because of its steep course and several curves,” deputy investigator Pol Lt Col Biyanut Huadgun said. Rain at the time of the incident made the road even worse.

In the curve, police noted skid marks on the street’s emergency lane. Next to the lane was a steep slope with few trees and coconuts palms. “This is where we found them,” Pol Lt Col Biyanut said.

The first victim of the crash was Andery Francois Alfons, a 77-year-old expatriate. About ten metres down the slope, he lay unconsciously on the grass. “His arms and legs were broken and twisted, and he had deadly injuries to his head,” Pol Lt Col Biyanut described Mr Alfons’s condition.

Rescue workers who were also at the scene admitted first aid to the man. However, they soon had to give up when the body did not respond to the resuscitation attempts.

Thirty metres further down the hill, police found a damaged black and white Honda Click 125i. Nearby lay Ms Nuna, the 40-year-old girlfriend of Mr Alfons whimpering for help. Pol Lt Col Biyanut: “Ms Nuna sustained severe injuries and was in a deep shock, that’s why we immediately rushed her to Koh Samui Hospital.”

In an early report, Pol Lt Col Biyanut tried to reconstruct the order of the events. According to the document, Mr Alfons, who was the rider, and Ms Nuna had been visiting Kao Bon mountain earlier that day. As they rode back, Mr Alfons underestimated the steepness of the road and was struggling to slow down.

The report went on: “When he had almost reached the curve, he was still way too fast. He slammed on the breaks until they overheated and started to burn and eventually fell apart.” With no breaks, Mr Alfons speeded downhill the wet road toward the curve and was thrown off the road and down the slope where he died.

Pol Lt Col Biyanut told reporters that the investigation is still not completed. “We still have to examine Mr Alfons’ health condition and if he had any alcohol in his blood at the time of the accident.”

An autopsy is going to be conducted at Koh Samui Hospital. Police notified the Swiss Embassy in Bangkok about the tragic death.

2. The 24 year old tourist Hussain Cengiz Coskun has succumbed to his injuries after a crash with his scooter on Phuket on Thursday night.

Police and rescue workers were dispatched to a road near the Red Mountain Golf Course in Kathu district where the incident had taken place at around 22:00.

Hussain Cengiz Coskun, the 24-year-old victim, was bleeding heavily from the head as rescue workers admitted first aid. He was lying on the road next to an electric pole whereas his badly damaged scooter was found a few metres further.

Rescue workers rushed Mr Coskun to Vachira Phuket Hospital. But doctors were not able to save the life of the young Turkish tourist, he was pronounced dead an hour later at around 23:30.

Pol Capt Wichote Meephop, who was assigned to investigate the case, told that the scooter was rented from a shop in Patong. “We think Mr Coskun had just been on his way from Patong to Kathu or Phuket Town when the accident occurred,” the Pol Capt Wichote.

What exactly happened remained a mystery to the police. “Be believe that Mr Coskun had lost control at a curve and then smashed his scooter directly into an electric pole,” Pol Capt Wichote speculated, adding that this was only a theory.

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