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2/19/2017 06:24:00 pm
Cops Clean Up Sin City: Two Naked Go Go

Girls Arrested.

Both Silver Star Agogo’s raided as push for 

clean-up continues.

After the clickbait headlines from the UK’s Mirror Group newspapers the other day that claimed Pattaya was the sex capital of the world, the top brass were out last night to show the world they are on top of illicit and illegal activities in Sin City.

At around 11:30pm on February 18th, Pattaya police made their way down to Soi 7 and Soi 8 as part of Pattaya’s clean-up and to follow up on several reports that sex shows were being performed in some of the venues.

The first point of call for the police was Silver Star agogo on Soi 8. On entering, police found there to be several dancers on stage with outfits not leaving much to the imagination. They also found 2 girls in a bathtub with nothing on, entertaining the many tourists in the venue. The place was quickly shut down, with customers being asked to pay the bills and leave.

Police then made their way onto Soi 7, where Silver Star has their sister agogo. On entering the sister venue, police found no dancers or girls in the bathtub, however they did find different toys that could potentially be used to entertain guests in a sexual manner. Police found enough evidence to shut the place down too and put the reason for no dancers down to there being a tip off that they were on the way.

Police took statements from several staff members from the two venues before calling the owner down for questioning. The raids come as the authorities continue their push to clean up Pattaya’s seedy image, which has become world famous.

The Changing Face of Pattaya “won’t happen overnight”

Changing Pattaya from the Sex Capital to a Family Resort will take time says Chief. The chief of Pattaya’s tourism office has said that changing the resort’s seedy image is not something that can be expected to happen overnight.

He was determined to work with all sectors both public and private to change its image. And one day he said he would succeed.

A stroll down beach road by officers from various police departments to check for anyone peddling drugs or selling sexual services netted a grand total of zero arrests.

If Pattaya police or any other government department wanted to clean up Sin City they could. Last night was nothing more than a PR exercise, much like Friday nights wander around Patpong by Bangkok cops, following some bad press by international media.

"The Mirror called Pattaya the “Sex Capital of the World”, said there were 27,000 protitutes in the city, or one in five of the female population and said all this goes on despite pay for play being illegal in the kingdom".

Source: One News

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