Sunday, 5 March 2017

3/05/2017 06:32:00 pm
The body of the Australian tourist Peter John 

Bright was found in a hotel room at about 4pm 

yesterday. The deceased was believed to have 

died of a sudden cardiac arrest.

Peter John Bright, 55, was staying at the 'Hello Yaya Residence' hotel on Phra Baramee Road. He had been there since February 23 and was due to check out yesterday.

“Mr Bright’s daughter was the one who first discovered his body when she came with her boyfriend to invite her father to lunch. He was lying topless on the bed, with the bottom half covered by a blanket,” said Capt Sirinat Cherdchutrakulthong of Patong Police.

“There was no sign of a struggle and the room was not ransacked. We found some antibiotic medications as well,” the policeman added. 

The body was taken to Patong Hospital for further examination.

“According to hotel staff, Mr Bright stayed alone in the room, but had gone out for drinks with his daughter and her boyfriend the night before. 

He returned home at about 1 am with two Thai women in tow,”. 

The women left an hour later. Hotel staff members claim the girls "did not look suspicious" to them. 

“We are investigating further to find out what could have caused a cardiac arrest. We will also examine CCTV footage to help in locating the two women,” said Capt Sirinat.

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