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3/04/2017 06:10:00 pm
Brit on Brit restaurant con: couple complain to 

media as restaurant dream turns sour.

Businessman Lee Strut met Pattaya journalists 

for a justice after he had been fooled to invest 

his money to a restaurant in Pattaya.

2 March, 2017, Miss Siriyakorn Wongchomphu aged 39 brought Mr Lee Strut who is her husband to meet Pattaya journalist after he was cheated by his friend and he lost 6.5 million baht. However, there is no progress after he had notified the police.

Mr Lee revealed that he was driver for a businessman in England before he travelled to Thailand and he knew another Mr David who persuaded him to invest with him to open a restaurant. He was interested in investment in Pattaya so he decided to become partner of Mr David.

Later Mr David contacted him to transfer 6.5 million baht so that Mr David will take over a restaurant in Soi Diana Inn in Central Pattaya. He trusted Mr David and transferred that amount of money to him before he came to Pattaya to meet Mr David before he and other partners went to sign certificate of registration and he signed as CEO of the company.

The restaurant has been operated for a while and it generate a large amount of income, however he found out that there is fault in accounting system so he assigned Miss Siriyakorn to look after account system. As a result, other partners were dissatisfied about this before Mr Stephen was designated as new CEO from partners conference.

As a result, Mr Lee had to inspect document and he found out that he was fooled to sign a contract to change stockholder but that contract was written in Thai.

In addition, the company was registered before he took over it. He believed that he was tricked to put his money on the restaurant so he notified the officers and request his investment back but the shareholders didn’t grant him.

Mr Lee added that this case has pended for a couple years and investigator has been changed for 4 persons. As a result, he would like to claim his justice from the press.

Source: Komchadluek

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  1. DAVE BOWERS, owner of ROBINS NEST and the SPORTSMEN PUB: that's the one who TRICKED LEE STRUT for 6.5 MILLION BAHT.

    1. I won't be eating at those establishment's anytime soon.

  2. Two side to every story lads .
    I know all involved and Lee wasn't tricked he got his money back through the investment then wanted out for stupid money .