Thursday, 16 March 2017

3/16/2017 04:26:00 pm
British man Stuart Railton fell to his death 

from a hotel in early on Wednesday morning.

The body of Stuart Railton, 54, was found in the car park of the Top Mansion Hotel in Muang district just after 4.45am.

A security guard said that Mr Railton had been been staying at the hotel since March 4 and seemed to be acting normally when he returned from a trip at around 3.20pm on Tuesday.

The security guard reported later hearing a thumping noise and told police that he momentarily thought the wall in the car park had collapsed. It wasn’t until he went outside that he saw the body of Mr Railton in the car park.

Police investigating searched Mr Railton’s 4th floor room, where they found the door unlocked and no sign of a struggle.

The man, who police later identified as Mr Stuart Railton, 54, from England, lay dead on the asphalt next to the building, a pool of blood surrounding his head. A forensic doctor from Udon Thani Hospital who accompanied the officers briefly examined the body and noted fractures to the neck, skull and the left arm.

“We inspected room no. 420 on the 4th floor where Mr Railton had been staying,” Pol Lt Ginyotin said. Officers did not find any traces of violence but noted a significant amount of urine on the balcony. “We believe that the deceased was drunk and fell while he was urinating on or from the balcony,” the investigator speculated.

Police also found two bottles of an unknown pharmaceutical drug in the fridge and collected them as evidence. “We’re going to send the bottles to the lab to determine what kind of medicine it contains,” Pol Lt Ginyotin added.

Further questioning of the Top Mansion staff revealed that Mr Railton was a frequent visitor of a karaoke bar in Soi Samphan Thamit. “On the day of the incident, Mr Railton came back alone from the bar at around 03:20 and went up to his room as usual,” Pol Lt Ginyotin said.

Police said they are working on the theory that Mr Railton was drunk and fell while trying to urinate from the balcony.

Mr Railton’s body has been sent to Udon Thani hospital for post mortem to establish an official cause of death.

Police are continuing to investigate the incident. The British Embassy has been informed.

Credit: 77Jowo

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