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3/14/2017 04:04:00 pm
A British woman alleging she was raped by a 

male masseuse at Tarntawan massage shop.

She claims rape at the massage parlor 

and says police refused to prosecute

The post recieved several hundred comments with some seriously odd advice on how the woman should proceed despite her stating the matter was closed so far as police were concerned, saying they were aggressive in their manner and sided with the massage shop.

She claimed the reason for posting was to warn others.

The story took a twist when Thairath published an article last night in which a manager at the massage shop told them the woman came into the shop at 3pm as she claims, took a male masseuse despite the fact the session would involve nudity as it was an oil massage and left 30 minutes later without saying a word to any other members of staff regarding her alleged rape.

The assistant manager went on to say the woman returned two hours later with her western boyfriend to make the claim at which point they offered to go file a police report and have the woman take a rape test. She refused and demanded 8,000 baht in compensation. She left after settling on 5,000 baht.

The employee accused of rape denied the allegation.

Bang Rak police station confirmed the settlement with Thairath stating the shop settled to avoid further problems.

The officer went on to say the drama with the British woman didn’t end there.

Following her massage, the Brit and her boyfriend went to the Le Meridian Hotel for a meal where a fight broke out over the bill and a member of staff was assaulted.

The couple were taken to Bang Rak police station where the 3,600 baht bill was paid together with a fine for assault.

Regarding the rape allegation, police told reporters the woman refused to take a rape test, return the cash settlement she accepted and proceed with a formal complaint. She signed an agreement the matter was closed, that came with a warning if she publicly criticised the shop she could face defamation charges.

So to summarise:

The woman went for a massage at 3pm, got raped and left the shop 30 minutes later without saying a word.

She then meets her boyfriend for a meal and refuses to pay the bill resulting in fight with hotel staff and a trip to the cop shop where the bill is paid together with a fine for a assault.

The couple then return to the massage shop and walk away with 5k in compo.

Then she is back at Bang Rak police station where she wants to press charges against the make masseuse, where according to cops, she doesn’t want to submit to a rape test and where the woman claims she was laughed at and threatened by the man she was accusing.

The story doesn’t add up.

This could be due to inaccurate reporting of the story and a muddled timeline of events or some misunderstanding along the way how it all played out.

But even if the “facts” are indeed correct, I’m still bemused at the woman – who claims she can speak, read and write Thai, suggesting she isn’t fresh off the plane – claiming she was raped, goes straight for dinner, ends up in a fight and lands at the police station and leaves without telling officers about her earlier ordeal.

Why not file a police report right there and then instead of returning to the shop to demand cash? Why go for dinner at all instead of going straight to police?

If you signed paperwork agreeing the matter was closed, why take to Facebook and publicly name the establishment when you were told you could be prosecuted for doing so?

I have a feeling the story is another one of those that has grown out of control after starting out as a tale to cover an act of misjudgement.

Source: Thairath

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