Thursday, 23 March 2017

3/23/2017 02:25:00 pm
Canadian tourist Dean Kelsey Chapman was 

found dead in a condo this morning. 

He is believed to have been dead for at least two days before his body was discovered. Police received a report of the incident at about 11 am from ‘Plus Condo 1’.

“We noticed a peculiar smell outside his room, which was on the 6th floor. When we opened the door, we found the victim’s body lying face-up on the bed,” Capt Wichoti Meephop told reporters.

Police also found a cellphone on his chest, together with a list of hospital emergency numbers. A ‘Tripadvisor Travel Correspondent’ ID card was also found in his room, in addition to various medicines and vitamins.

“There was blood on his face, but we found no sign of a struggle on his body,” Capt Wichoti said.

“We talked to an agent who helped him out during his trip. He told us that the victim had arrived in Thailand late last year and was scheduled to return to Alberta on March 31. We were also told that he had cancer.

“A security guard said that he last saw the victim at 9 am on Sunday. A friend came to visit him today and discovered the body,” said the captain.

Police have yet to learn the cause of death as the body is being examined by doctors at the hospital. At this stage, they believe that it was due to health issues.

The Canadian Embassy has already been notified of his death.

A swarm of bees became deadly for

Australian Peter John William. 

He was stung to death while the village was preparing food and accidently destroyed a beehive.

Chiang Kham Provincial Police Station was informed of the unusual incident on Saturday morning at around 11:00. Pol Capt Bandit Mutdimanka, who is leading the investigation, and additional officers were dispatched to the scene.

According to police, the incident had taken place in Ban Krai Baka village in Phayao’s Nam Wae subdistrict. “We found the man at house 188 where he lived,” Pol Capt Bandit said. “The body was covered with numerous red and green bruise marks all over his body.”

During the investigation, police identified the man as Peter John William, a 64-year-old Australian. The investigator spoke to Ammasawan Wongganta, a resident of the village whose house was close to Mr William’s.

“She told us that the village was preparing food for oblation when the heat of the grill and the thick smoke busted a beehive”, Pol Capt Bandit quoted the neighbour. The villagers then panicked and fled. Mr William did not run but tried to hide from the provoked swarm under a tree.

Eventually, the bees discovered Mr William and attacked him until he was no longer able to breathe. When the attack was over, a relative of Mrs Ammasawan tried to rush Mr William to a nearby hospital but had to give up. 

He had already died.

Source: Farang Deaths

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