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The sister of a Thai woman has made an 

urgent appeal on social media after she has 

gone missing without a trace for two weeks.

Jackson Matthew Hall (using stolen ID of Tyler Doran Smith)

If you run a school or language center in South East Asia (Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam), then you may want to give applications from a Jackson Matthew Hall, using the name Tyler Doran Smith (AKA Tyler Lamb, Tyler Smth, Tbone Lamb, Jack Hall), a wide berth.

Nittaya Polseepim - or Neung - was taking a man she believed was called Tyler Doran Smith to start a teaching job in Rayong.

But after she went missing two weeks ago her sister Jamjit has since discovered that the person she went with was not Tyler Smith but a man called Jackson Hall.

Hall was arraigned in the US on charges of first degree rape and first degree sodomy in 2015. He was armed when officers first tried to arrest him, it was reported in the Cullman Times in the US.

Hall, from Alabama, has a "lengthy criminal history" according to the Cullman Times that includes car theft, assault and child abuse.

Her sister Jamjit said on Facebook on the "Teaching Jobs in Thailand" page that the family had contacted the US embassy and understood that Hall was using a fake passport and besides was on overstay.

She said that the matter has been reported to police but they had said that her sister will not be easy to find.

"We don't know what to do," she said. "She is often away from home but calls home all the time.

She appealed to the foreign teaching community to share the story in an effort to trace her sister.

"She is missing and he is a known rapist so naturally we are all very worried", she said on Facebook in a post and subsequent comments.

She posted pictures of her sister and the man she said was Jackson Hall.

Some posters cautioned that it was likely that the man she went with had not actually been offered a job at all and the job idea was just a ruse to gain her confidence.

Others said it was disgraceful that checks had not been made by the school on the man's background.

Jackson Matthew Hall (using stolen ID of Tyler Doran Smith)

If you run a school or language center in South East Asia (Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam), then you may want to give applications from a Jackson Matthew Hall, using the name Tyler Doran Smith (AKA Tyler Lamb, Tyler Smth, Tbone Lamb, Jack Hall), a wide berth.

He will send his resume along with a random picture that he found on Google. He will make some excuse when you meet him in person for the interview. Something along the lines of "I didn't have any picture of myself available".

The real problems crop up when you do hire him and begin processing his paperwork. He will refuse to supply you with anything, no copies of his certifications or even his passport. We had to do our own background check on his qualifications and references and they all came back negative. They were all falsified. If you question him on this, he will make up some story about being in the witness protection program.

Don't take my word for things though. If you do receive an application from him, question him first. If he makes it to an interview, question him again and check out his references. It's almost guaranteed the only actual reference will be his girlfriend.

Update 08 October 2016

It appears he is back in Thailand after a comment author did an English Camp with him a while back.

Update 22 October 2016

A reader emailed us with some more juicy information. She has met him personally, as she used to be close to his girlfriend. Apparently his girlfriend is married to someone else and she has kids!?! He also told her that he deserted his military unit (Special Forces) and that is why he is not able to share any information about himself. So that immediately tells you that he has absolutely no honor!

His passport lists him as 23 years old!!!

Note that his real name is Jackson Matthew Hall (The details of Tyler Doran Smith were stolen)
Apparently he milks his military experience story for all it's worth. He walks with a pronounced limp, which he also attributes to being wounded in battle, and tells people that he receives veteran benefits because of it (possibly to put victems at ease when he asks for money).

His girlfriend, and himself, have been responsible for committing credit card fraud, by using her friend's credit card and running up charges worth thousands of dollars. They are also borrowing money from various people and then never returning calls or messages when those people try to collect.

Update 24 October 2016

We have just received another email from someone in Bangkok who has met him too, although briefly with his girlfriend. This person speaks great Thai and communicated with the girlfriend in Thai, which enraged Jackson (Tyler) to the point that he threw threats and then stormed off. The girlfriend made clear her fear of Jackson (Tyler) and that she was trying to help him find a job and a place far away so that she could escape from him.

Apparently he also borrowed a pickup truck, a few months ago, to move some things. He managed to badly damage the new truck and wasn't even man enough to tell the owner. He simply parked the truck downstairs and left the keys in it. The police were called, but the truck's owner would like to deal with it in his own way.

Update 31 October 2016

It appears this post has been picked up by Search Engines and traffic has spiked recently with audiences all over South East Asia. Among those readers is his girlfriend's husband (WTF!!!???).

Update 24 November 2016

A reader contacted us to let us know that Jackson (Tyler) is back in Bangkok. He apparently has been back for just over two weeks and is now working on the outskirts of the city. The owner of the pickup truck, that he damaged, has offered a small reward for any information.

Update 26 November 2016

Some more personal details have been sent in by a reader who spoke to Jackson (Tyler) personally. While his passport lists him as obtaining it in Alabama and his place of birth being listed as Harvest, Alabama, he does not speak with an southern accent. He has a distinct Florida accent, which makes sense as he also mentioned his parents owning a resort in Miami, Florida. Any info on their contact details would be appreciated. <- This info did not check out and apparently he was simply trying to hide his true accent and put potential victems at ease as to his ability to repay loans.

Update 28 November 2016

We removed his girlfriend's husband's story as requested by the husband. We also felt it was drawing attention away from the actual focus of this write-up, which is the false qualifications that Jackson (Tyler) presents himself as having, the money he and his girlfriend have borrowed or stolen from various people and now the growing list of sexual offences that he is wanted for back in the US.

By a rough count the money borrowed and stolen comes to:

450,000 Baht loan from a friend of his girlfriend
150,000 Baht run up on a stolen credit card
35,000 Baht borrowed from a German man
70,000 Baht taken from two girls who worked with his girlfriend
50000 Baht taken from an American woman and her sonAnd there is probably a lot more from people who have not contacted us.

Update 29 November 2016

Big news update coming soon. Just verifying all the information we have received. As it turns out Tyler Doran Smith is not actually Tyler Doran Smith. We have tracked down the real Tyler Doran Smith to Elkmont, Alabama. This guy is falsely using the real Tyler Doran Smith's details (they know each other actually). Various government agencies have been notified to the ID theft.

As it turns out. His real name is Jackson Matthew Hall (AKA Jack Hall). He falsely used the details of Tyler Doran Smith to obtain a passport to travel to South East Asia. He is wanted for raping a 5 year old child back in the US and skipped out on a $30000 Bail.

Other offences include Aggravated Child Abuse, Theft of a Motorvehicle, Sodomy and the list gets longer as we dig deeper.

Here are links to a few articles on him:

Editor's Note: All information has been verified through email correspondence and phone calls and we have 100% proof to back up any claims made on this page. We will not publish anything, that could be considered defamatory, if we do not have evidence to support it.

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