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3/24/2017 03:35:00 pm
The heat wave currently sweeping through 

Thailand was too much for Swiss expatriate 

Donni Peter Arnold. 

He was found dead in his house in Tak.

The death was reported to Mueang Provincial Police Station in Tak province on Thursday morning at around 7:30. A friend had found the man and called the authorities who quickly rushed to the house located at Thaichana Rd.

Laying on the sofa in his living room, the man, who was identified as 54 year old Donni Peter Arnold from Switzerland, already showed signs of rigour mortis. “He must have been dead for at least 12 hours,” the investigating officer Pol Capt Pisan Braparat said.

“We found him wearing a black t-shirt and jeans shorts. We could not see any signs of violence,” the officer went on. 

“We assume that he died of a heat stroke.”

Through the statement of Mr Anold’s friend who had discovered the body earlier, police learned that Mr Arnold was disabled and an alcoholic

Due to his massive alcohol consumption, Mr Arnold was suffering from cirrhosis, a condition in which the liver does not function properly. A few days before his death, Mr Arnold had been to Taksin Hospital for treating his disease, the friend explained.

For the past years, Mr Arnold lived in the district Ban Tak and was married to a local woman. After the couple divorced about one year ago, Mr Arnold rented a house in Mueang district and had been living there until his death. “One of his hobbies was keeping steers on a plot that he had rented from someone in the village,” Pol Capt Pisan found out.

Mr Arnold’s friend told police that Mr Arnold would look after his four cows on a daily basis. When he did not show up one day before he was discovered, the friend became concerned. The next day, he went to Mr Arnold’s house to check on him. He then found his friend lying dead on the sofa.

“We assume Mr Arnold died of a heat stroke,” Pol Capt Pisan said, adding that this is yet to be confirmed during the autopsy. “The temperatures in Tak have been sweltering lately, sometimes reaching 38 to 40 degrees Celsius. 

The combination of the heat and his alcohol consumption could have caused the heat stroke since alcohol deprives the body of water.

Rescue workers brought the body to Taksin Hospital for further proceedings. 

The Swiss Embassy in Bangkok has been notified and is now contacting the relatives of Mr Arnold.

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