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Some 'reported' deaths from foreigners in 

Pattaya and Thailand the last 2 day's.

1. Thomas Haser

The German expat community in lost one of its members on Saturday afternoon. Thomas Haser, 54, died of a heart attack while swimming.

Pol Lt Gridmes Bunisawang, was notified of the incident at 15:30 by a witness named Somkid Puangmuli. “He said that he had found the body of a dead foreigner on the beach,” the investigator told reporters.

Before arriving at the scene, police saw the man’s scooter, a red and black Honda Click, parked at the side of the beach.

“Inside the storage room under the seat, we found the man’s passport and other documents,” Pol Lt Gridmes said, identifying him as 54-year-old German named Thomas Haser.

The body itself lay spread-eagled on the sand. Bystanders told police that he was washed ashore by waves after being seen floating unconscious on the water. An emergency physician from the Hospital checked Mr Hase’s vital signs but could only pronounce him dead.

Somkid Puangmuli who called the police observed the entire incident. “The witness told us that Mr Haser arrived at the beach with his scooter, bought some bottles of beer at a bar and sunbathed on the beach,” Pol Lt Gridmes quoted the Mr Somkid.

At one point, the Mr Somkid continued, Mr Haser got up and rushed to the water, presumably to cool himself down. Shortly later, beachgoers saw the body of Mr Haser floating on the water with his face down. “He was brought to the beach but when rescue volunteers arrived, they felt no pulse,” Pol Lt Gridmes said. “He was dead.”

Based on his initial investigation, Pol Lt Gridmes thinks that Mr Haser died of a heart attack that was triggered by the unusual heat. On the day of Mr Haser’s death, the maximum temperature was 33.2˚C according to Thai Meteorological Department. It is the third death of a foreigner that was caused by the heat wave currently sweeping through Thailand.

2. Jordan Donald

Thailand’s heat wave claimed yet another death of a foreigner. A Scottish Muay Thai boxer died of a heat stroke while he was jogging.

Pol Capt Prachakorn Promduang at Pho Klang Police Station said the boxer was found dead in Nakhon Ratchasima’s Muang district. He had left his hotel one day before police discovered his body to go jogging at around 11:30.

According to official statistics from the Thai Meteorological Department, Thailand is currently experiencing its second hottest month of the year, the hottest being April. The temperatures on that day (March 25) and time (11:30) reached up to 34.5˚C in Nakhon Ratchasima.

Police identified him as Jordan Donald, 21, from Scottland. On Facebook, Mr Donald named his account Jordan Coe. Another name used on his Facebook account names him as Dechalek Lamnammoon.

Mr Donald, known by his ring name of Jordan Lamnammoon Muay Thai, was wearing a thick outfit when he left the hotel. Trainer Kritchai Kritnok told police that Mr Donald went out with the heavy clothing to try to get rid of three kilogrammes so that he could meet the 61-kg-limit for a fight on Sunday.

Doctors at Maharat Nakhon Ratchasima Hospital, who conducted an initial autopsy on the boxer, believed that he suffered a heat stroke due to severe dehydration from jogging in the sweltering sun. A detailed autopsy will be carried out to determine the official cause of death, Pol Capt Prachakorn said.

Jordan was scheduled to fight Khon Bola, a Cambodian boxer, at a temporary boxing venue at Wat Pong Din Sor in Muang district on Sunday night.

3. Svetlana Zimina

In Pattaya, a Russian woman drowned in the swimming pool of a condominium early Sunday morning. Mueang Pattaya Provincial Police Station is investigating the case.

Deputy investigator Pol Capt Manod Thipvej told reporters the incident occurred at about 03:00 at the swimming pool of the Club Royal Condominium in Soi Na Klua 12 in Bang Lamung district.

When police and rescue volunteers arrived at the scene, they found a woman lying by the side of the pool next to building A. Police later identified her as Svetlana Zimina, 51, from Russia.

A security guard of the building told police that he heard the noises of foreigners who were calling for help. “They said one of their friends was drowning,” the guard said. The guard hurried to the swimming pool to help. “When I arrived at the pool, the woman had already been brought out of the water,” he told police. “She was still alive at the time.”

The security guard quickly called the police who, along with rescue volunteers, rushed to the scene. However, when they arrived, Mrs Zimina was already dead. Mrs Svetelana’s Russian husband, a retired policeman who also lives in Pattaya, came to the swimming pool to see his wife after he had heard the shocking news.

Rescue volunteers brought the body of the woman to the Police Hospital for a post-mortem examination. Police in Pattaya have already contacted the Russian Embassy in Bangkok and informed them of the incident.

4. Hars Kumar Panuganti

A foreigner man in Pattaya tried to escape the heat by jumping into the swimming pool of his condo to cool himself down. Two hours later, he was found dead.

The information was published by a Facebook user named Isara Barinyotai who posted pictures and a report early Monday morning. The incident itself happened the previous day at around 21:00 on Sunday evening.

The security guard of the Amata Chon Buri condominium in Nong Mai Daeng subdistrict had made an emergency call after he saw a dead body floating face down in the swimming pool. Mangorn Chon Buri rescue workers arrived shortly later to assist police in their investigation.

The man, who was later identified as 29-year-old Hars Kumar Panuganti from India, was floating lifelessly in the pool when the rescuers arrived. He was wearing black shorts and a white vest. With a long wooden stick, the rescuers dragged Mr Panuganti to the side of the pool and pulled him out of the water.

There were no visible injuries to the body, the report on Facebook stated, concluding that Mr Panuganti had most likely drowned.

Police, who were also present at the scene, questioned a work colleague of Mr Panuganti. He told officers that Mr Panuganti had come to Thailand for work about one month ago. On the day of the incident, Mr Panuganti moaned about the heat. Records produced by the Thai Meteorological Department show the maximum temperature on that day was 34.3˚C.

To cool himself off, he jumped into the swimming pool at around 18:00. CCTV footage showed Mr Panuganti being alone in the water. After swimming in the pool for one hour, the noises abruptly stopped, prompting Mr Panuganti’s friend to check on him. He then found him dead in the pool.

Police collected evidence that might help to verify the cause of death. Rescue volunteers and a doctor transported the body to the forensic unit at Chon Buri Hospital. Police are in the process of contacting the family of Mr Panuganti.

5. Kwok Siu-Chung

A 52-year-old tourist from Hong Kong died after falling from the 5th floor of a shopping mall in Pattaya.

The man, Kwok Siu-Chung, 52, was found severely injured on the ground floor of the Mike Shopping Mall at about 19:00, the Bangkok Post reported. He was given first aid and rushed to a nearby hospital. Doctors pronounced Mr Siu-Chung dead upon arrival. Pattaya police are investigating the case.

The Hong Kong Immigration Department confirmed the incident. It will be followed up by the foreign ministry office in Hong Kong and the Chinese embassy in Bangkok.

A spokesperson said the department had reached out to the Mr Siu-Chung’s family to provide practical assistance according to their wishes.

Foreigner Jumps To His Death At Swampy. 

Alan Paul Grimes jumps to death at Suvarnabhumi airport.

Source: Farang Deaths

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