Saturday, 25 March 2017

3/25/2017 06:06:00 pm
A video of a pick-up racing through heavy 

traffic has been viewed more than two million 

times after it was posted on Facebook.

And no wonder, the footage is incredible even for the driving that many motorists experience in Thailand.

The pick-up loaded with what appears to be building materials sticking out the end is chased by another vehicle that has a dash cam.

Despite going through gaps barely wide enough it manages to keep going - damaging 20 other vehicles in the process.


Eventually it crashes into the central reservation spilling its contents out the rear.

The footage was uploaded to the page of "Nipon Singto" where 2 million people viewed it within three hours. The poster say it was like Fast and Furious and was "coming to a theater near you".

Police have made an arrest.

Source: Sanook

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