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3/01/2017 03:39:00 am
Spanish murder suspect Artur Segarra denied 

all 13 charges against him throughout his trial 

at the Criminal Court in Bangkok that 

concluded on Tuesday.

Segarra is charged with abduction, extortion, torture, murder and concealment of a body following the discovery of his fellow countryman David Bernat’s dismembered body at various locations on the Chao Phraya river in late January, early February last year.

If found guilty the maximum punishment he could face is death, though this is unlikely and he will in the end be sentenced to at least one life sentence if the verdict goes against him.

For more than an hour on Tuesday, the Spaniard answered questions from the defense attempting to contradict the police version that accuses him of being the sole planner and executor of the kidnapping, robbery, torture and murder of the David Bernat, among other crimes.

Segarra admitted that on the night of Bernat’s disappearance he went out for drinks with him, despite previously saying he didn’t know him, telling the court he returned home alone, arguing that he was deceived by his former girlfriend, Pridsana Seanubon.

According to the Spaniard, Pridsana asked him for his bank account number before the body was discovered and warned him several days later about the arrival of at least 5 money transfers into his bank account.

Segarra said that he was unaware of the origin of the funds and that he fled on 5 February from Surin after Pritsana alerted him that police were looking for them for murder, although at the time he said he did not know who the victim was.

He claimed she directed him to the Cambodian border, where she said friends of hers were waiting for him. Local police captured him on February 7th at guesthouse in Sihanoukville.

Over the course of the trial judges heard testimonies from more than 40 witnesses called by the prosecution in nearly 20 hearings.

Experts from the police forensic unit said they found fingerprints and blood traces of the victim on the floor of Segarra’s apartment at the PG Rama 9 Condominium, where investigators believe the victim was murdered and chopped up before being tossed into the river.

David Bernat went missing on January 20th 2016, the day after he arrived in Thailand, and it’s believed he was killed between January 25-27 after being kidnapped, forced to transfer millions of baht through online banking transactions before being murdered.

His bank cards were also used by Segarra to withdraw substantial amounts of cash from ATM machines in several provinces before he fled the country.

The ruling with be made by the panel of judges on April 21.

Source: EFE & Stickboy

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