Thursday, 27 April 2017

4/27/2017 01:30:00 pm
Scaremongering talk and sensationalist 

assumptions are being made by many that this 

will be the end for freelancers, bloggers and 

citizen journalism which has people asking, is 

this the end for HP? 


There is much bluster on social media following the announcement by the National Reform Steering Assembly regarding the media reform bill in which it’s been proposed all reporters will require a licence.

Absolutely not. I’m not a journalist or a reporter and this website makes no money so I fail at the first two hurdles of the basic criteria outlined by Pol Maj Gen Pisit Pao-in, deputy chairman of the mass media panel.

But hang fire, lets not jump the gun here as all people are doing right now is guessing what the future holds.

Ideas have been tossed around and a few lists made. Panels and committees have yet to be formed where the points penciled down will be discussed and debated. Then the proposals go back to the panel for discussion then they need approved by the PM at which point the bill will have to be published in the Royal Gazette before it becomes law.

A lot can happen during this period and I’m sure freelancers, bloggers and the likes of me will get a mention which is when I’ll know where I stand regarding covering news stories I feel might be of interest to my readership.

There are several solutions; syndication with a news site owned, managed and operated outside the Kingdom. If that’s not possible covering news in a different style may also be an option as is dropping it altogether.

Right now I’m not wasting any more time thinking about it as I’ve got better things to do than play guessing games. I’ll wait until the bill is rubber stamped and make my decision on how to move forward at that point in time.

The One who reported HP FB page.

I know you have something to do with mr. Flowers, PA and the well know famous street Soi Six in Pattaya.

I will not post a name, but the picture said enough.

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