Monday, 3 April 2017

4/03/2017 03:47:00 pm
A Belgian businessman jumped to his death 

after he stabbed a Thai woman.

It happened Sunday after the woman was stabbed with a stick used for food at a location in Hua Hin Soi 41.

Local reporter Kulsawek Sawekwannakorn reported on Facebook that following the stabbing the foreigner fled in his Fortuner car and a chase ensued.

The chase ended up at a hotel where the foreigner ran to the flat roof. Police attempted to talk him round while officials from the local authority positioned an air bag on the ground.

As police failed to calm the situation a friend of the same nationality was brought who spoke to him for all of two hours on the roof.

However, this too was unsuccessful and the man jumped. Medics from Sawang Hua Hin ferried him to hospital but he was pronounced dead.

The man died despite authorities placing a large airbag on the ground as police attempted to negotiate with him. When he jumped from the roof of the Hisea Huahin Hotel he missed the airbag by about three metres.

"Pol Sithichai said the Belgian and his friends jointly invested in a restaurant in Hua Hin township. The business lately ran into financial problems. He also bought a house which cost several million baht, but had a problem with the transfer of ownership to his name.

The man had an argument with a woman who owned an accountancy firm on Soi Hua Hin 41. Police said he apparently had stabbed her with a bamboo stick, slightly injuring her, after the company refused to return his passport.

He had been involved in a real estate and a restaurant in Hua Hin for about a year".

A picture on Facebook posted earlier claimed to show the man near his car looking agitated.

Source: Facebook Talay Hua Hin

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