Friday, 14 April 2017

4/14/2017 04:09:00 pm
Another dead at this place.

The 31 year old Christopher Andrew Laidler, 

from England falls to death from Sweethearts 

bar & guesthouse in Walking Street.

British tourist, 31, plunges to his death from the third floor of a Thai guest house above a go-go bar in the seedy resort of Pattaya.

At around 4:30am in the early hours of April 14th, a British tourist died after falling from the third floor of a guesthouse on the world famous Walking Street in South Pattaya.

31-year-old man was found naked in the streets of Pattaya at 4.30am local time

Police and medics who rushed to the scene found 31 year old Andrew Christopher Laidler barely breathing.

They had to part a crowd of some 100 Thai and foreign tourists who had gathered around his body. He was given CPR then transferred to Pattaya Memorial but was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Witnesses said that people ran in terror around 4am when they heard the sound of the man hitting the road. Concerned tourists made a space in the crowd so he could breathe and a towel was found to give him some modesty.

But it was all in vain. The incident happened in front of Sweetheart Go-Go Bar in Walking Street, South Pattaya.

Mr Laidler had been staying in room A26 above the bar. Police said rooms there were rented out on a daily basis.

Police said there were no valuables in the room and no sign of any struggle.

Another dead in this guesthouse:

A source in Thailand claimed Steve died in a room above Sweethearts – a popular gogo bar on Walking Street. They said the discovery of the body was was covered by local newspaper Pattaya One last month.

Ex-British Soldier Missing in Pattaya: Murder Fears Grow

STEVE BALFOUR disappeared during a trip to visit his daughter in Pattaya, with one friend claiming he’d said if anything happened to him, it’d be his Thai ex-wife’s fault.

They are concerned that he was naked and are gathering witness statements and examining CCTV as the investigation continues.

Source: Siamchon News

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