Monday, 17 April 2017

4/17/2017 10:25:00 pm
Shocking Pattaya road rage footage shows the 

moment a scum western man floors another 

westerner with his family and daughter 

with Two punches in a broad daylight attack.

The incident taken place in Pattaya was uploaded to a popular local Facebook page.

The victim in the incident can be seen approaching a black Toyota car.

The man the begins remonstrating with the front seat passenger who gets out of the vehicle.

As the men continue to argue the victim appears to swing a punch at the passenger who then proceeds to throw two punches of his own - one knocking the other man out cold.

As he lays unconscious at the side of the road, people, presumably the man’s family rush to his aid.


His daughter, perhaps no older than 5 years old and clearly traumatized by the incident can be heard screaming. As the man is helped back to his feet, a large wound can be seen across his forehead.

Meanwhile, a group of motorcycle taxi drivers block the vehicle from driving off. 

As usual the motortaxi boys are the first responders.

The footage was uploaded to Facebook on Monday afternoon, although it is not immediately clear when the incident took place or if the police are aware of the assault.

We’ll bring you more information once we get it.

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