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1. Heinz Peter Ballmann

Cleaning the community swimming pool in his Pattaya village used to be a daily task for a Swiss expat – until he drowned while cleaning the pool on Sunday afternoon.

A neighbour of Mr Heinz Peter Ballmann was shocked when he discovered the 58-year-old expat floating unconsciously in the swimming pool at about 15:00. The pool belonged to S.P. Village.

“He called Mr Ballmann’s Thai girlfriend who was living at a house nearby. She was obviously devastated when she heard the news,” Pol Capt Sirichai Tongsaeng of Nong Prue Provincial Police Station said. “She then called the emergency service which dispatched Sawang Boribun rescue workers to the scene.”

When rescuers arrived, Mr Ballmann had already been pulled out of the water and was lying on his back at the side of the pool. Kneeling next to him was his girlfriend who was in a state of shock and grief. After she had calmed down, police, who had arrived along with the rescue workers, asked her what happened.

“According to his wife, Mr Ballmann had left their house in the afternoon to clean the community swimming pool which was part of his daily routine,” Pol Capt Sirichai quoted the girlfriend whose name was withheld by the police. When she heard a neighbour shouting that a foreigner is drowning, she rushed to the pool and helped to pull him out of the water. But Mr Ballmann was already dead.

Pol Capt Sirichai, who is the leading investigator in this incident, took photographs of the body and the pool as evidence. “We believe that Mr Ballmann might have collapsed while he was cleaning the pool and fallen into the water where he drowned. Since no residents had been in that area at the time of the incident, nobody was able to help him.

However, to determine the official cause of death, a post-mortem examination has been scheduled.

2. Laura Davidson

Two people died, and four more were injured when a van collided with a songtaew. Among the dead is a 44-year-old woman from England.

The van, driven by 40-year-old Srawut Supap, was bringing Ms Laura Davidson, 44, from Krabi International Airport to Hua Hin Pier which from where she wanted to continue to Koh Lanta.

After the van had passed Ban Khlong Ya Nat School, the front right tire busted, and the Thai driver lost control of the vehicle. The van then collided with a songtaew coming from the opposite direction which was carrying three passengers and the driver. The force of the collision threw both vehicles off the road.

Mrs Laura Davidson and Mr Srawut, who was driving the van, died before rescuers arrived at the scene. The driver and the passengers of the songtaew were severely injured during the crash. Rescue workers rushed them to Khlong Thom Hospital.

3. Deepak Jebakuma

A foreigner plunged to his death from the 9th floor of his condominium after he lost his key and tried to climb into the room.

The incident happened at the Zenith Place condominium. After he had lost the key to his apartment, Deepak Jebakuma, 30, climbed through the fire exit window to get access to his room during which he slipped and fell to the ground.

Pol Capt Piyawit Tongdet, asked Bancha Hirannawakul, a security officer of the building, to tell what exactly had happened. According to him, Mr Bancha had heard a loud sound at approximately 01:30 early Friday morning. “He came out to check and found Mr Jebakuma lying on the ground with serious injuries,” Pol Capt Piyawit quoted the officer. “He died before rescuers arrived.”

Mr Bancha told police that Mr Jebakuma and his wife had asked for a spare key to their room on Thursday night at about 21:45. Mr Bancha had to deny their request and told the couple that only the building manager is allowed to hand out spare keys. But the manager’s shift had already ended at this time, so Mr Bancha advised them to contact him the following morning.

“At 22:00, he saw the couple and their son leaving on a scooter and returning shortly after midnight,” Pol Capt Piyawit said.

Police inspected the scene and found an opened window near the fire exit in the stairway on the eighth floor. Officers believe the man may have tried to climb through the window to reach the balcony of his room and fallen.

4. Zhan Xiaojun

A Chinese tourist was forced to watch helplessly as his 71-year-old wife drowned at Jomtien Beach in Pattaya on Sunday morning.

It was a heartbreaking scene that played at Jomtien Beach in Pattaya early this morning: A weeping Chinese man is kneeling in the sand and hugging the body of his wife who had drowned only minutes earlier.

Mueang Pattaya Provincial Police Station was informed of the sad incident at about 10:00 on Sunday morning. “At the time we were reported, the woman had already died,” Pol Capt Panlop Ringrod told reporters later.

When police and rescue volunteers of the Sawang Boribun Rescue Foundation arrived on the beach behind Beach Rd opposite of Pattaya Soi 5, bystanders were quietly observing the husband’s send-off. Police identified the woman as Ms Zhan Xiaojun, 72, who had been on a group tour when the accident happened.

Pol Capt Panlop talked to Ms Jaruni Lipataragun, 33, the guide of the group. According to her, Mrs Zhan Xiaojun and her husband were playing in the water not far from the shore with other members of the group. At one point, the man went back to the beach whereas the wife decided to stay.

“About three minutes later, Ms Jaruni saw that Mrs Zhan Xiaojun was about to drown,” Pol Capt Panlop summarised her statement to the police. Several people tried to rescue her and pulled the unconscious woman out of the water to begin mouth-to-mouth and nose ventilation, “but they could not save the life of Mrs Zhan Xiaojun,” Pol Capt Panlop said.

A municipality official stated that this year four to five people had already drowned at this beach. Police took pictures of the area and submitted them as evidence. An autopsy will confirm whether or not any pre-existing medical conditions played a role in Mrs Zhan Xiaojun’s death.

5. Paul Wilkinson

British Expat Paul Wilkinson Electrocuted to Death While Gardening at his Home.

Authorities are investigating the death of an British expat after he was found collapsed in his home’s garden yesterday from a suspected electrocution.

At the scene they found Briton Paul Wilkinson, 55, lying unconscious and unresponsive in a garden bed on the inside of small fence wall.

On the other side of the cement wall was the electricity-supply meter for the house, with a jumble of connected wires hanging underneath.

Rescue workers rushed Mr. Wilkinson to Chalong Hospital, however after his arrival, hospital doctors were unsuccessful in their attempts to resuscitate him.

Mr Wilkinson’s daughter, told police that she was in the house when she heard her father call out, finding him face down on the ground unresponsive.

Lt Col Kanan Somrak said they believe that their was electrical leakage from the power meter box that could have somehow made it through or under the corner of the wall. Mr Wilkinson might have touched the wall while he was gardening.

Electricians have been ordered to check the power box for any leakage to see if that is what caused the tragic accident.

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