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Scottish Woman Kills Phuket Biker, South 

African School Teacher Found Dead In Trang 

Young Brit Fighting For His Life After 

Falling From A Train.

Young Brit Fighting For His Life After Falling 

From A Train.

British tourist Daniel Clarke from Aldershot, Hampshire, 20, is fighting for his life after falling from a train in Thailand days after posting SELFIES of himself hanging out of carriages.

He was travelling on a train in Thailand.

The 20-year-old put an image on his Facebook of him hanging out of a window.

He is now in intensive care after he fell out of a moving train yesterday evening

But after travelling overnight, he is believed to have fallen from the carriage - which has open air doors with no shutting mechanism.

Just three days before the horrific incident, Mr Clarke had posted a photograph on his Facebook page which showed him hanging out a train window with his friend, Ross Wild.

Three days before he fell out of a train, Daniel Clarke posted this photograph on his Facebook

He shared an image on Facebook with the caption: 'Living it large in Asia!! F****** loving it!'

The picture was posted on March 29 at 6.28pm and he was found unconscious with blood pouring from his face at 9.50am on Saturday.

A passing driver of a train spotted him several feet from the tracks unconscious with blood pouring from his face in Chumphon District at 9.50am local time.

His friend, Ross, confirmed that he had now found Daniel but declined to comment further.

He is believed to have been in Thailand for several days on a backpacking trip and posted an image of himself with an elephant yesterday afternoon.

Travelling around Thailand by train is popular with backpackers because of the low cost, with tickets costing as little as 20p to reach neighbouring provinces.

But they are notoriously dangerous due to the age and lack of health and safety regulations - with many having open doors.

He is believed to have been in Thailand for several days on a backpacking trip and posted an image of himself with an elephant yesterday afternoon

The spot where was found is some 300miles from Bangkok and 211 miles from the destination.

Police were today trying to trace relatives of Mr Clarke as he is believed to have been travelling alone on the train.

A Foreign Office spokeswoman: 'We are supporting the family of a British national who has been hospitalised in Thailand.'

Police Lt. Theerayuth Channok, from the Thong Khao district police station close to where he was found, said he was now in intensive care.

He added: 'Daniel had blood coming from his nose and mouth. He was rushed to Champion Hospital. He is in ICU.

'A train driver that was passing the point noticed him lying near the tracks and contacted police and rescue workers. We believe he fell from the doorway in the centre of the train.'

The economy sections on the trains have no air conditioning and are humid - making it difficult to sleep on long, overnight journeys.

Scottish Woman Kills Phuket Biker

The 31 year old Scottish woman Jayne Watt, from Glasgow, Scotland, was behind the wheel of a Toyota Vios when she hit Mr Pongsak Sripheuk, could be looking at serious charges following an accident in Phuket on Friday night that left one man dead.

“The accident occurred at about 9:05pm on Thepkrasattri Road. At the scene, we found the body of  the 62 years old motorcyclist Pongsak Sripuek lying face down on the ground. His arms and legs were broken and he was pronounced dead at the scene,”.

The driver, Jayne Pauline Watt, sustained minor injuries.

The deceased’s body was taken to the Hospital.

“According to witnesses, Ms Watt was driving south in the left lane, when Mr Pongsak, who was 'ghost riding' (heading north against traffic in that lane) suddenly appeared in front of her, having driven up from the opposite side of the road. It seems that Ms Watt did not have time to brake,”

The woman could now face charges of reckless driving causing death, however, police refused to comment on how the investigation would proceed or if charges would be filled against Ms Watt.

South African School Teacher Found Dead In 


A 27-year-old South African man was found dead in a house in Trang on Saturday morning after drinking beer with a countryman the previous night.

The body of Christopher Leigh was found in a room of the rented house in Tambon Tabthiang in Mueang district by Matthew Alexander, 22, at 8.40am. 

He was found lying face-down on his bed. An empty beer bottle was found in the room and several more outside. There was no trace of injury.

Alexander told police that he drank several bottles of beer with Leigh on Friday night and they went to bed at 10pm. When Leigh did not answer a knock on his door, Alexander entered the room and found the body.

Alexander, who teaches English at a local school, said Leigh came to visit his younger brother, also an English teacher, but the brother had left the kingdom and returned to South Africa.

The body was sent for an autopsy at the Hospital.

Source: Daily Mail

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