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More accidents, fewer deaths on first day of 

dangerous week & Video: Drunk as a skunk - 

Thai driver ushers in Songkran 2017

More accidents, fewer deaths on first day of dangerous week.

The first day of the week-long road accident monitoring period for the Songkran holiday from Tuesday to next Monday, saw 33 deaths and 420 injuries in 409 road accidents nationwide, according to the Road Safety Directing Centre.

The number of accidents on Tuesday increased while deaths and injuries decreased compared to the previous year’s Songkran first day with 52 deaths and 431 injuries in 387 crashes.

Drunk driving was the most common cause of road accidents at 45.4 per cent, followed by speeding at 24.9 per cent. 

Most crashes involved motorcycles (77.8 per cent) and took place on straight stretches of road (65.2 per cent). While highways saw 36.6 per cent of accidents, rural roads saw 32 per cent. Most accidents (29.3 per cent) occurred between 4pm and 8pm. Almost half (46.3 per cent) of those who were killed or injured in accidents were of working age (20 to 49 years old).

As many people headed to their hometowns for Songkran, various Bangkok outbound highways saw higher volumes, while officers checked motorists to ensure they were following traffic regulations, including a requirement for all passengers in public transport vans and buses as well as those in the front seats of cars and trucks to wear seat belts.

Video: Drunk as a skunk - Thai driver ushers in Songkran 2017.

Hopefully it is not a sign of things to come - the antics of a drunk driver caught on tape got the Thai online world commenting as the Songkran holidays began.

Three clips posted to the "Mem Pho Dam" page showed a Thai drunk driver crashing into a parked car. Then seemingly oblivious to what he has done he continues swigging in his pick-up's cab.

He finally emerges and passes out on the sidewalk.

Later police and insurance agents arrive. He claims he works for a member of parliament but no one is really buying his incoherent ramblings.

He is finally led away to the police station.

Thais online said it really is time for people like this to lose both their car and their license - and the authorities should have the power of Article 44 to do it.

Source: Thai Rath & Nation

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