Tuesday, 4 April 2017

4/04/2017 02:41:00 pm
South Korean businessman hanged himself 

due to problems with his business and Swedish 

tourist succumbed to unidentified health issues 

in a hotel.

Sunghan Yoon.

The local police station received the report on Friday morning at 9:50. “We were only told that a man had hanged himself behind a house in Mueang Phuket district,” Pol Capt Udom Petcharat, deputy investigator at Mueang Phuket Provincial Police the Station.

The case was assigned to Pol Capt Udom and his team to find out more about the alleged suicide. As it is standard practice in Thailand, rescue workers from Kusontam Foundation followed the police to assist officers in their work.

“The house where we found the man is located in a gated community near Brachasamagki Rd, Ratsada subdistrict, Mueang Phuket district.”

Behind house 154/34, police found the lifeless body of a man whom investigators later identified as Sunghan Yoon, a 49-year-old businessman. He had used a necktie which he attached to the laundry room’s window frame that was high enough for Mr Yoon not to touch the ground when he jumped out of the window.

Police had examined the body of Mr Yoon before rescue workers released him from the necktie and noticed that the tongue was blocking the windpipe. “He was wearing shorts and a t-shirt. The body showed no apparent signs of violence,” Pol Capt Udom confirmed. “We believe Mr Yoon had been dead for many hours.”

Police also inspected the house of Mr Yoon, but officers did not find anything out of the ordinary. No valuable items had been stolen.

Rescue workers transported Mr Yoon to Wachira Phuket Hospital to let pathologists examine the body further and perform an official autopsy.

Investigators found out that Mr Yoon was living alone. His wife with whom he had been living for several years had just left Thailand and returned to South Korea one week earlier which friends said put him in a depressed state of mind.

Police also found a one-paged farewell letter written in Korean. A friend of the deceased translated the content and told police the reason for his suicide. According to the letter, Mr Yoon had killed himself because of major business problems at SECCO Ltd in Chon Buri province. Mr Yoon had been working there as a managing director.

Police will try contact the wife of Mr Yoon so that she can bring her dead husband back to his South Korea and allow him to be buried or cremated under a religious Korean funeral ceremony.

Emma Katarina Grundstrom.

The Swedish tourist Emma Katarina Grundstrom succumbed to unidentified health issues in a hotel room yesterday.

“We arrived at room 4703 on the 4th floor in the Patong Merlin hotel room to find the body of the 27-year-old woman on the bed. There were vomit stains on the bed and blanket,”

According to Ms Grundstrom’ boyfriend, named by police as Owe Christoffer Sjogren, 27, the two were on holiday in Phuket and had checked in at the hotel last Wednesday. They were scheduled to check out on April 12.

“Mr Sjogren told us that Ms Grundstrom had sustained an injury to her mouth on Thursday. She went to a clinic the same day and bought medication,” Lt Col Somsak told reporters. Yesterday morning, however, he noticed that she had stopped breathing.”

At 10:05, Mr Sjogren reportedly called hotel staff for help, but help came too late. Lt Col Somsak: “The woman passed away before an ambulance from Patong Hospital arrived. Her body was taken to the hospital for further examination,” Col Somsak added.

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