Tuesday, 16 May 2017

5/16/2017 02:31:00 pm

'3 AFRICANS' looking like YA ICE dealers 

and a 'BRITON' caught stealing from shop

"Three Africans" and another man holding 


were caught on CCTV stealing drones 

in a shop in Koh Samui island

Koh Samui police arrested the "4 British" tourists on Monday after they were caught on CCTV stealing drones valued at 50,000 baht from a local store.

VIDEO of the idiots:

Cops caught up with the "4 Brits" at a 10,000 baht a night villa where a quick search of the premises uncovered the stolen goods.

Two of the four were identified as Korri McLean, 26, and Hilton Mhsavi, aged 20.

Thai media report the men then tried to bribe the officers questioning them to avoid prosecution – bringing more charges on themselves.

The thieves then told cops they had left a credit card behind to cover the payment of the goods. That is true, however, despite the Nationwide credit card bearing Mhsavi’s name, police told reporters the credit card is a fake.

Theft in Thailand is punished with imprisonment of three to ten years and fined of six thousand to twenty thousand Baht.

All four were taken into custody pending further inquiries and are looking at various charges including theft and attempting to bribe an officer of the law.

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