Wednesday, 3 May 2017

5/03/2017 04:01:00 pm
Swedish tourist Anders Johan Christian has 

been charged after he made a “bomb threat” 

aboard a Bangkok Airways flight bound for 

Koh Samui on Tuesday afternoon.

If found guilty, 42-year-old Anders Johan Christian could face 5 years behind bars and a 200,000 baht fine for misconduct under the Air Navigation Act of 2015.

Having read half a dozen Thai and English language versions of events that led to 140 passengers and crew on flight PG 145 being taken to an isolated area of the airport where EOD officers searched the plane, passengers and baggage, it’s not exactly clear what was said by the Swede.

Several accounts state the tourist told a member of the cabin crew his carry-on bag could explode if she didn’t arrange it quickly in the overhead compartment. Another version claims he was overheard speaking to a fellow passenger by a member of the flight crew.

No reports state the tourist was agitated or causing a disturbance as one might think a bomber would act if he intended to blow up a plane.

My guess is neither the Swede nor the member of Bangkok Airways staff involved speak English as their first language leaving a lot of room for miscommunication.

The bomb threat alert was cancelled at 5.50pm by airport management when no explosive device was found.

Mr Christian was detained for questioning by police and denied making any bomb threats or talking about his bag exploding.

The Swedish Embassy are providing assistance while Bangkok Airways are reported to be preparing to file legal action against the tourist seeking compensation for the delayed flight.

The flight eventually took off five hour late at 6.45pm.

Source: Daily News

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