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Mystery surrounds death of Englishman Nigel 

Checketts found in rubber plantation.

Five days after he died, the body of a 61-year-old British man was found in his house in Bueng Kan province on Saturday afternoon. The cause of death is still unknown.

Si Wilai Provincial Police Station has confirmed the death of Nigel Checketts, 61, from Coventry in England. “We were contacted by Mr Checketts’ ex-wife who found the body at around 15:00,” deputy investigator Pol Capt Seksan Nahom told reporters.

Somkid Batiruba, the 45-year-old ex-wife of Mr Checketts, made the gruesome discovery after she had become concerned following a series of phone calls which all remained unanswered. “It’s very unusual for him. He usually picks up the phone right away or calls me back within half an hour,” the still shocked woman told police. “I knew that something was wrong.”

Ms Somkid had been married to Mr Checketts but filed for divorce in 2012 because she did not get along with him well and decided to remain single, she said. However, the two stayed in touch and regularly contacted each other by phone. Since then, Mr Checketts, who was described by his wife as being in good health, has been living alone in his house in a rural area in the Si Wilai subdistrict of Bueng Kan province close to the Laotian border.

When police entered the bedroom of Mr Checketts’ house at 269/3 Mu 3 Ban Na Khaen shortly after being notified, they found his body face up on his bed. “The body was already in an advanced state of decomposition,” Pol Capt Seksan was quoted, adding that it had filled the room with a strong scent of decay.

“The bed sheet around his body was soaked in lymph fluid,” the investigator further described the scene. A medical examiner from Si Wilai Hospital estimated that Mr Checketts had been dead for at least five days before he was found.

At this point of the investigation, police were not yet able to determine what had caused the death of Mr Checketts but ruled out any involvement of foul play.

 “There were no signs of a struggle or other evidence that might indicate that a crime had taken place,” Pol Capt confirmed. 

“We have to wait for the autopsy result before we can come to any conclusion.”

Source: Death farangs

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