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By dissecting Thor’s (or is it now Philip) Halland (or is it now Holland) character or lack thereof we can safely conclude he and only himself is the source of his miss fortune. 

It seems he basically lost all he ever thought he had, (actually it was all from her), now ex-wife, Helena Dimitru. Thor exercised the majority of the seven deadly sins, they are:

  • Lust (fornication) 
  • Gluttony (look at his size and all is clear)
  • Greed (covetousness, avarice) (in denial of his divorce thus losing all by demanding all)
  • Sloth (also accidie, acedia) — Laziness; idleness (Never did a day’s work in his life according to his own father)
  • Wrath (anger, hate) (anybody who countered him or exposed him)
  • Envy (jealousy) (despised people with real plans or proven track record and tried passing their labour as if from him)
  • Pride (vanity) Bragging about his perceived success of financial wealth (wife’s money actually, as he owns NOTHING)

When his ex-wife started divorce procedures when she realised who he was after he was put in jail in Pattaya he was in denial and did not cooperate in the proceedings. He could have walked away with 40-50% but this he rejected. 

Now, after even the appeals courts, in UK and in Thailand have been exhausted he ends up with nothing. The notice on the London house has been removed and is up for sale by Mrs. Helena, the house in Thailand is being considered at this moment, but it does not look good for our infantile would be Mafia impersonator. 

The promised mother-load of information took longer to process than anticipated but is on the way. All his shenanigans will be exposed, including his so called “time in the Army”. Hang in there.

The latest news on psychopath Drew Noyes is that he seems to been married to his nanny, the poor girl has not the foggiest nota of whom he really is. 

Kung (Wanrappa Boonsue), mother of 3 of his off-spring must be elated, he did not marry her after the divorce of Nittaya, mother of 4 as the divorce cost him a big ouse.

That Psychopath's are pathological and compulsive liars is well known and documented. Mr. Noyes is a school sample of that, read and understand the following which he writes on his Facebook page. "The trip back to Thailand packing up my fiancé Tan and my little boy Austin was successful! This is us driving to their new home that my NOYES boys WALTER, James, DREW Junior, Chris and Kevin, along with my daughter Katy Kathryn and I made for our combined Noyes Family.Thanks to Mommy Wanrapa Boonsu for staying with the 6 kids while I was away."

First lie, he did NOT wend to Thailand for he is a wanted man there with a arrest warrant to serve a two year jail sentence for extortion. He may have flown to a neighboring country as his arrest warrant is a local Thai document.

Second lie, Mommy Wanrapa Boonsu supposed to be in the US, waiting for him and his new "wife" to come back and they all live happily ever after? Who are you trying to fool fool.

Third lie, daughter Katy writes totally illogical in the past tense while he is back there already --- "Katy Kathryn We missed you Daddy Drew Noyes when you went to Thailand to get P'tan 💗 and my baby brother but we are so glad to have all back now." Here he makes his daughter play his lying game as well. Psychopath's are pretenders and they even believe their own lies to be reality.

One truly wonders how he stays alive without a real profession and all those kids around, food stamps, scamming as usual?

1) Painted his hair to mask his age? The hollow look of someone who know no empathy and did many wrongs is clear here.
2) One day you meet your maker, make no mistake.

PS Mr. Flaningham will be interested to know where you live, you owe him roughly 75.000 US$, he did not forget trust us, for we will remind him.

The conman who returned from Pattaya (Thailand) is at it again. Gone are the memory problems after he bumped his nose, that's over now. We wonder if he remembers he has a 2 year jail sentece meted out and that he escaped while on bail? Or that he has a son Billy by a then 14 year old niece of his then wife (he officially had about 6 wives).

But back to this topic, he is as usual pretending to be someone and snugging up to higher ups by being in the vicinity and have his picture taken. Usually they have not the faintest idea who this Psycho is and that they are being used. This time he pretends to be able to get people a Green Card. Be careful, he is very glib and well spoken which is one main character trait of a Psychopath. ''''''' this he writes to catch the un-aware ''''''''

Please share and post in your native language so everyone has a chance while this unique Visa is still available and can not be cancelled unless violated by applicant. The window of opportunity to apply may close, but all submitted Investor Visa applications will be reviewed by USCIS and if applicants qualify they and their families will receive visas and green cards.

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Of course people are warned with this short clear message. We intend to translate his court sentence and will add it to anyone we contact when we warn them. The only way to stop Psychopats is to expose them relentlessly.

== Dear xxxxxx (name witheld), be extremely careful with Mister Noyes. He escaped Thailand on bail on a 2 year sentence for extortion. He is a serial swindler and pedophile. Please Google on him and be shocked.

This is your birthday presence lying cheat. We swore an holy oat never to let you get away.

Look at the fake Psychopath grin being with the boys. If they knew that he is a proven Pedophile he would be knocked of his stool.

Brian Goudy or Gouldy is off the radar, but as always, he will reappear one day.

Swindler Steve Graham is also still in UK, all these scum cannot come back to Thailand anymore.

And another one bites the dust. Steve Graham Another Brit, they seem rather criminally inclined. who arrived in Pattaya early 2000 left a track of scamming and cheating almost from day one. 

He is out on bail from a tree year sentence and is reportedly in the UK with his whole family, a well known story, like the Thor Halland saga (more about him later). Some known details are:
Steve Graham was convicted and sentenced to 3 years in jail for illegally changing directors / shareholders. He is currently on 600,000 Baht bail.

Mr Steve Graham was applying for Thailand residency but could not complete and is believed to be because he has served time in Prison UK for Deception, he alleges he was in the SAS!
It is believed that some assets are held in a company in his children’s names Thomas Graham & Jessica Graham, Tag & Jag Co., Ltd.

Steven Thomas Graham (Steve Graham) UK Passport Number 099248852 (Contact details +66 922646744

AND his wife: Kedmanee Graham 

(Khun Jeab)

It is alleged Steve Graham is a serial fraudster, defrauding many individuals and companies over 15+ or so years..

1. Shenanigans by the Lake (Run by Kedmanee Graham) This was previously The Peacock and here the partners were also not paid out, contact Mike, Peter. Other assets have been sold to Bobby Grover O’Donnell where Steve Graham is opening an American diner in association for no investment and 50% profits.
2. Acorn Distribution / Matvic Contact Vic King, Samran King (Jane), Shareholders fraudulently removed from company this is what Steve Graham is currently out on bail for. He has now formed a new company Smithfield & Chefs Choice Co., Ltd. using all assets of Acorn Distribution

3. Shenanigans Jomtien Employed Manager Tony McNally and William, both without Work Permit and both were arrested for such.
4. Ray Davidson has loaned money but not repaid, this has gone to court and a judgement made that the house Steve Graham lives in on Villa Med Village, Nongprue has to be sold. (Contact )
5. Steve Graham failed to pay for Master Franchise for BBX USD$500’000. Steve Graham then stole the BBX contracts and created TBX. BBX are currently suing for damages. TBX clients now concerned the company is not trading to the same levels as BBX.
6. Acorn Pub closed, staff left without salary and assets sold / utilized in Shenanigans Jomtien

7. SSA Guarding Co., Ltd. Failed to pay final installment of company purchase, was incorporated in to European Safety Concepts (Thailand) Co., Ltd. And subsequently sold offshore to Securitas. Contact John Muller
8. Image Limousine (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Failed to pay final instalment of company purchase, sold assets primarily cars (Contact Rob )
9. Expat Foods owed unpaid bills. Contact Simon 0822121367 

10. Steve Atkins has issue with land his house is built on and has filed Criminal charges. Contact Details +66 849179380
11. Lenny Holden and Julian Appleton issues in security company with Steve Graham.
12. Nirvana Condo. Steve Graham failed to pay common charges on condos he owned and Manhattans Restaurant, as Juristic Person Steve Graham sold condos as free of any debts when in fact they were, currently his debt to Nirvana is around 2 million Baht. (Contact Prapatsorn Sungthong (Auw) & Brendan Bushe
13. Revenue Department is currently seeking unpaid debits from several businesses. 

14. Richard Rhodes Steve Graham built several things for him including Nirvana Boutique Hotel, Jomtien and Nirana Ko Chang. He skimmed money here and built a family house in Udon Thani. He also defrauded Richard Rhodes in Spain bootlegging Sunfly Media Karaoke (Possible Criminal charges now awaiting Steve Graham in Spain)

15 Thomas Christiansen GM at the Grand Millennium Sukhumvit hotel (now General Manager at Raffles Hotel Le Royal and Raffles Grand Hotel d'Angkor) 700k + Hotel bill un-paid Thomas was Steve Graham’s best friend and godparents to each others children but when he completely cut ties to him and then Thomas got sacked because of the unpaid hotel bill. Also we understand that he has lent money personally to Steve Graham

16. Matthew Johnston was an employee of Acorn Distribution & is a 6% shareholder and invested around 1 million baht in the company. He recently left the business and it is believed this was because he wouldn't be a party to any illegal activity. Also tax was unpaid and the revenue department and other debt collectors move in their is nothing he could do.

17. Mike Strouse & Alexander Dress TBX partners had issues.
18. Acorn Distribution alcohol suppliers including Stowford Press not paid in the UK
19. Acorn Distribution owes Betagro pork supplier around 4 million baht plus website 

20. Rob Murray of Fluid Asia Pacific had issues when Steve Graham took over the company.
21. Mark Callaghan ex Shenanigans Jomtien manager had no work permit and problems with salary
22. Dave Bowers & Dez Challice from Sportsman Pub, Pattaya / Door 2 Door had financial issues with Steve Graham several times
23. Scott ex manager at Shenanigans by the Lake was not fully paid he now runs the Venue on the lake. 

24. Nicholas Davis is a partner working in shenanigans by the lake and he’s now investing into another Steve Graham business He works there but has no work permit.
25. Peter Shadrin also worked in Steve Graham companies and didn’t get paid and was physically threatened by creditors of Steve Graham
26. Arie JM DeKeijzer had issues with company Nujakorn that he was using to run Nirvana. 

27. Steve employees a guy called Stan as a sales person to sell the meat products for acorn. He has not got a work permit.
28. Misappropriated trust account funds (Estate) for Jonathan George Wilson daughter (Jasmine Wilson).
29. Stuart Fraser ex Manager of Shenanigans Jomtien had issues with Steve Graham when he purchased the business and was terminated in an underhand manner

The information above was collected by several people who have had dealings with Steve Graham. We cannot confirm that all the information is accurate and people should not rely on it as being correct and make their own investigations.

Another Psychopath liar and thief has reinvented himself Hendrik Truter now go's by the name Fred Claus. 

We report the details later. Just remember either name, he is South African, totally untrustworthy and again, ALL the hall marks of a Psychopath.

  • glib and superficial charm
  • grandiose (exaggeratedly high) estimation of self
  • need for stimulation
  • pathological lying
  • cunning and manipulativeness
  • lack of remorse or guilt
  • shallow affect (superficial emotional responsiveness)
  • callousness and lack of empathy
  • parasitic lifestyle
  • poor behavioral controls
  • sexual promiscuity
  • early behavior problems
  • lack of realistic long-term goals
  • impulsivity
  • irresponsibility
  • failure to accept responsibility for own actions
  • many short-term marital relationships
  • juvenile delinquency
  • revocation of conditional release
  • criminal versatility

Will be continued with the Ones who still in Pattaya and still are active, see part II soon!

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  1. You seem well informed, keep up the good work, expose all criminals.

    1. We just sent this to Somersetlive news also on their FB site. Never give up following the con men and expose them.

  2. Steve Graham has just become landlord of his second pub in the Uk. He's renamed the second to match the first, The Carpenters Arms. One is in Somerset and the other just over the border in Devon.

    1. Thanks for the info on Steve Graham. He is a scumbag and has perfected his fraudulent actions over several years. Hope they catch him soon.

    2. All Steve Graham info is moved from Facebook as they are unreliable to;editToggle=true thi site where noone is blocked. Please visit and leave your comments.

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