Saturday, 6 May 2017

5/06/2017 06:13:00 pm
Thai lady arrested over 6 separate alleged child

 sex offences. 

Wanted for selling of sex, trafficking and 

underage prostitution in Pattaya.

At around 10:00pm on Thurday April 4th, Pattaya’s finest made their way down to a housing estate to investigate a a case involving sex offences in Pattaya

Arriving at the scene with an arrest warrant for a lady only known as “Miss Nicha”, they were greeted by the suspect and some of her family members.

Police produced the warrant however, the suspect started kicking up a fuss and would not comply with police requests. She locked the gets to her home and carried on telling police that it was a set up and that she wouldn’t be going anywhere.

Miss Nicha is wanted for 6 separate offences

 all involving the selling of sex, trafficking and 

underage prostitution in Pattaya dating back 

almost a year.

Police previosly carried out an undercover investigation at Nicha Karaoke located on Pattaya 3rd Road. They entered the night spot and proceeded to “buy” 2 underage girls for sex. Police have strong evidence that points to Miss Nicha being the owner of the establishment.


After aver an hour of arguing, Miss Nicha eventually came out of her home and was arrested and taken down to the police station for formal questioning. She strongly denied everything through the interview, although police still believe they have enough evidence to be able to prosecute the suspect.

She was denied bail and the investigation will continue.

Source: TNews

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