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- Belgium girl Elise Dallemange dies in strange circumstances on Koh Tao. Desperate mother looking for information.

- Vanished from Koh Tao! Missing Russian Girl Valentina Novozhyonova still not found: Is the island hiding a macabre secret?

- There are no suspicious deaths on Koh Tao said Steven Drylie!! 

Belgium girl dies in strange circumstances on Koh Tao. Desperate mother looking for information.

On 27th April 2017 a young girl from Belgium was found dead in Koh Tao, A.K.A Death Island. Elise Dallemange,30, had been living on the neighbouring island of Koh Phangan. On the 17th of April 2017 the young girl contacted her mother by Skype to say that after over 18 months travelling she had decided to return to Belgium. He arrived on Koh Tao on April 19th.

Investigations into the girl’s movements reveal that she checked into the Triple B Bungalows in Mae Haad Koh Tao. During the night three of the bungalows, including the one she was staying in caught fire. The owner of the bungalows said that the fire was caused by an electrical fault and had nothing to with Elise who fled the scene. It seems the girl then walked several kilometres to Tanote Bay where she had a meal and booked herself a ticket to Bangkok for the 24th of April via Chumphon. Although Elise’s luggage arrived in Chumphon she did not. She was found several days later, dead, on a rock, in the jungle above Tanote bay, partially eaten by animals, wrapped in T-shirts. 

According to the girl’s mother the girl’s body was then taken to Surat Thani by the Koh Tao rescue team, however this is denied by Steven Drylie from the Koh Tao rescue team told the Samui Times the girl had died in Koh Phangan, although he did admit she had visited Koh Tao. 

The police have put the death down to suicide. An autopsy was performed in Surat Thani Hospital and later by the Institute of Forensic Medicine Police Hospital, Bangkok. (Contact person was Colonel Phawat Pratheepvisaroot sein).

Elise Dallemagne was finally identified by her teeth and ex-ray-pictures provided by her mother from Belgium. She is still waiting for the final autopsy report and has never ever been contacted by Thai police again, since the cremation ceremony that took place in Bangkok 14 days after her remains were found.

Further information:

According to her mother Elise Dallemagne had been travelling for two and a half years, in India, Australia and New Zealand regularly returning to Thailand. She was said to have spent more than a year on Koh Phangan during her travels and was there part of a Yoga/Tantra-Community. She was also an active member of SACRED, an Indian sect run by the notorious Sathya Sai Baba cult movement. They reside and practice on Koh Phangan between Thong Sala and Hin Kong Village.

According to her mother she lived there for months with Guru Raaman Andreas from Germany and two female friends (Nuri and Raani) and practiced her cult. On the 17th of April she had the last Skype-conversation with her mother and promised to come home. She booked a ferry to Bangkok and the route was scheduled Koh Phangan via Koh Tao to the harbor of Chumphon. She never arrived at her destinatino, but mysteriously her luggage did get there alone.

To this day nobody knows why the Belgian woman left the ferry in Koh Tao in the early afternoon of 19th of April and booked herself a small bungalow for 250 B/night at Triple B Bungalows in Mae Haad, Koh Tao. 

These bungalows burnt down in a huge fire the same night. She ran away and due to our research reached Tanote Bay by a 2, 5 km walk through the jungle. Yesterday the owner said the bungalows burnt down due to an electrical short-circuit – when the girl’s mother, Michele, was there six weeks ago the man was described as being angry because of possible involvement of Elise Dallemagne.

Elise was seen again at Poseidon Resort in Tanote Bay and booked another ticket to Bangkok which was scheduled for the 24th o April 2017. The booking of the ticket is confirmed. After that she disappeared without a trace and her body was found on 27th of April up on the rocks at Tanote Bay, behind the Tanote Family Bay Resort towards the jungle. People had been watching a big monitor lizard (varanus) walking up suspiciously quite often… So the decayed and half eaten corps of Elise was found.

Police told the mother that the daughter had committed suicide and hanged herself on a tree. We have information from an eye-witnesses that the body of Elise was wrapped up in old T-Shirts or some cotton and a fuel bottle was found in a nearby small bag, too. The mother has confirmed this information and was passed on to her by the police, although she cannot accept why her daughter would have killed herself – she was acting normally during their last conversation and no signs of depression were visible, said mother Michele. She also wonders why she booked a transfer to Bangkok and then went into the jungle to commit suicide.


Why did Elise leave the boat in Koh Tao?

Why her luggage was later found in Chumphon at the final place of disembarkation? She took only her cellular phone and a small rucksack.

Why did she kill herself so far away from her previous bungalow? Mother said she was found ‘on the other side of Koh Tao Island’? Why did police never question taxi-drivers or motorbike rentals – how did Elise Dallemagne get to the place where she finally was found? How about video footage?

Cases of female hangings are incredibly rare. An experienced police psychologist in Germany said women kill themselves almost always by overdose or cutting there wrist but he never had a single case in his career with a young female taking a rope out in the unknown nature.

Why did police keep this case secret to this day? Without the mother’s cry for help none of us would ever have come to know about this tragic death?

Why has the mother never received an autopsy report as promised to this day ? Was the intention of the police to silence the case in order to protect tourism in Thailand and especially not to allow a further revolt in the media about another female death on Koh Tao?

The body of Elise Dallemagne was burnt during the cremation ceremony in May 2017 in Bangkok – mother took her ashes home to Belgium. She now seriously doubts the police version of the disappearance and the death of her daughter and seeks for help publicly. Since we know about the history of Koh Tao with murdered and disappearing young tourists this case has at least a faded smell… Another missing tourist, Russian citizen Valentina Novozhyonova, has not been found to this day and many people on Koh Tao also doubt the police reports about her fate…

Elise’s mother is now desperately appealing for anybody who knows anything about her daughter’s movements before her death to come forward. If you have any information please contact

Vanished from Koh Tao! Missing Russian Girl still not found – is the island hiding a macabre secret?

On the 15th of February 2017 Russian tourist Valentina Novozhyonova, 23, left her bungalow on Koh Tao and was never seen again. The news of the young girl’s disappearance took almost 3 weeks to emerge from the tiny island now being dubbed ‘Death Island’ by the press due to the extraordinary number of tourists who die in suspicious circumstances while holidaying there.

Valentina at Fortress Swallow’s Nest Castle Crimea Black Sea

When it home, it is hardly surprising ‘Turtle Island’ has a bad reputation when it takes three weeks for a search to be called when a young backpacker goes missing. A post on the Koh Tao community page on Facebook even states that news of the missing girl should be supressed to protect the already dwindling reputation of the island. And now rumours are circulating that the body of a young girl was found six weeks ago partially burnt, eaten by animals and partially wrapped in T-shirts. Unsurprisingly this information was never made public and never appeared in any police report and was never passed on to Valentina’s grieving family who have been told that the search for the girl still continues, despite there being no evidence to suggest that it is.

Like many other cases in the past news reports suggested the girl’s disappearance was likely her own fault. Reports suggested this keen free-diver had never dived in the Open Ocean before, that she was depressed, taking medications and was perhaps mentally unstable. Should these reports be based on facts then waiting three weeks to start looking for her is only the more unfathomable. Another report suggested the girl had a dive buddy who had left the island, the police said they were waiting to interview the man on his return, but then the reports went silent, leading some to wonder if he ever existed in the first place and if he did why no attempt was made to find him and question him as to the young girls whereabouts.

Mon left

But shoddy investigation is nothing new for Death Island. When the police got a call from a woman to say there were two dead bodies on the beach back in 2014 they didn’t even bother to ask for her name. 

The bodies belonged to Hannah Witheridge and David Miller, who were both bludgeoned to death. The world heaved a sigh of relief when the local head police man soon had CCTV evidence linking two men to the crime, one, the brother of the village headman was even arrested but Montriwat Tuwichavin was very soon released, coincidentally around the same time the very same policeman was taken off the case and posted elsewhere in Thailand. 

The police then focussed their attention on two tiny Burmese Migrant Workers who had no motive, no criminal history and no money to hire lawyers to defend themselves. They were arrested three weeks after the crime much to the astonishment of the general public who could not fathom why anybody who had committed a crime so heinous had stuck around. The men were subsequently charged and sentenced to death. They are currently on death row awaiting the outcome of an appeal to the Supreme Court.

Another British girl, Christina Marian Annesley was also found dead a few weeks later. She was a young journalist who had been staying bungalows eerily owned by Montriwat Tuwichavin, the man who stomped all over the murder scene of Hannah and David, despite having no reason to be there. He also threatened to kill Scottish Sean McAnna just after the murders saying he would hang himself and was responsible for the deaths. Sean fled the island, never to return. Had the Burmese boys been guilty one has to ask why Montriwat was as Sean described ‘looking for a scape-goat’.

Residents of Koh Tao often blame the press for the ever darkening reputation of the island, it seems not to occur to them that the inordinate death toll and endless shoddy police work is perhaps to blame. The parents of Christina certainly do not believe her death was adequately investigated and had, themselves, to contact the last person who saw her alive when the police did not bother to do so. The parents of Nick Pearson do not believe their son feel out of his bed, fell 50 feet over huge bounders and drowned without so much as a broken bone or bruise on his body and many people question how French born Dimeti Povse managed to hang himself in a shoelace with his hands tied behind his back, eerily the same fate that Sean McAnna was offered.

Sean McAnna message

The travel companions of Luke Miller do not believe he died after launching himself off at DJ booth into a swimming pool in front of nobody when he did not swim and cannot fathom how such and would result in obvious hand print shaped bruises on his shoulders.

Most people have forgotten about Hans Peter Suter, a qualified rescue diver and Divemaster who went snorkelling around the time of the deaths of Hannah and David and washed up dead several weeks later on the mainland. They also forget that two other bodies washed up around the same time, who were they if they were not Peter? Nobody knows, nobody cares and nobody is looking into it.

Rumours also circulated that the young girl who found the bodies of Hannah and David and made that call to the police was found dead on a rubbish dump in Koh Tao, along with two other Burmese.

Of course rumours are not evidence, but there is also no smoke without fire. The general opinion of Koh Tao is now that it is a dangerous place rife with crime, run by mafia and policed by bribe-able officers who have a well-earned reputation for shoddy investigations, lying to the press, contaminating crime scenes and evidence and covering up anything that might damage the reputation of the island. The press in Thailand generally blur over vital information in fear of being sued under draconian laws that prevent them from criticizing the police and dozens of families are left unable to ever get closure as the list of deceased simply continues to rise.

Perhaps rather than blaming the press the residents of Koh Tao should speak out about what is really going on, stop saying they have to live there and therefor are too afraid to tell the truth, and find a place to live where life is valued, justice is served and the death toll is not hundreds of times higher than any other tourist destination known to man and innocent men are blamed for hideous crimes while the real killers run free!

There are no suspicious deaths on Koh Tao said Steven Drylie!! 

An article published by the Samui Times on Saturday has angered a Koh Tao resident who, in a letter to the publication, insists there have been no suspicious deaths on the island that has been dubbed Death Island by social media users and some international news outlets. Steven Drylie, and ex-serviceman and paramedic in the Koh Tao Rescue Association claims the Samui Times;

“seems determined to sully the image of Koh Tao by continuously referring to the island as “Death Island” in spite of the fact that deaths are both, more common and less reported, in many other tourist destinations in Thailand. In fact, Koh Tao has been the scene of exactly two confirmed murders of tourists to the island”

In his angry correspondence with the Samui Times he says;

“Having been on the scene at the murders of David and Hannah, I can say that it was one of the most gruesome I have ever attended. Undoubtedly, the ensuing investigation was flawed. However, it should be noted that the national 
police and army were the ones heading the investigation and were on the scene within hours. This was by no means an effort led by our small local police team. Yet, they are the ones that are most often called out for criticism” 

This comment comes despite evidence that the brother of the local headman was seen trampling over the crime scene before the army and other police officers arrived on the island.

He goes on to say;

“In addition, saying that this is a mafia-run island is wildly inaccurate as any local business owner, western or Thai, will attest.” 

But goes on to say;

“But wealthy people being absolved of perceived sins is hardly a phenomenon strictly associated with Koh Tao.”

With regards to the death of Luke Miller Mr Drylie says; 

You recently reported Luke Millers death as another murder on this island without knowing as facts. Luke own autopsy showed high levels of alcohol, his death was a tragic accident but yet you continue to speculate and report falsely.” 

However during a conversation at the time of Millers death Mr Drylie told a member of the Samui Times when asked if he believed there was foul play involved; 

“hmmm what do you want me to say? Did he hit his head while diving???? No, unless he bounced off the bottom of the pool several times” 

When asked if he believed foul play played a part he said;

“Not sure, I don’t think it was intentional, I think there was a fight” 

He also told the Samui Times staff member that even the investigating police officers asked the rescue team if the man had been dropped on his head several times after being removed from the swimming pool where he was found dead.

In his letter he refers to the missing Russian girl as a “risk taker” and suggested her dodgy freediving practices lead to her death.

With regards to Dimitri Povse, the French man found with his hands tied behind his back hung in a shoe lace he said;

“It is true that his hands were very loosely tied behind his back. We determined that he was easily able to tie his hands, step through the restraints and then hang himself. The restraints would have been enough to keep him from being able to save himself should he change his mind. But the most telling clue was the suicide note” 

An interesting observation when the ‘suicide note’ was never verified and photographic evidence suggests the man’s hands were tied anything but loosely.

With regards to Ben Harrington he said; 

“Ben Harrington crashed his motorbike into a pole and died. Though tragic, it is hardly “suspicious” or unusual in Thailand, where the vast majority of the population uses motorbike transport.” 

But made no mention of Ben’s mother fighting since her son’s death to get information from the Thai authorities, even submitting Freedom of Information requests to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. She says the family have been left with more questions than answers and now plans to lobby the government to change the law on registering deaths of British Nationals abroad.

With regards to Christina Annesley Mr Drylie said Christina Annesley was another supposedly “suspicious” death on Koh Tao. Aside from the fact that her own mother posted on her daughter’s Facebook page; 

“We have lost our beautiful daughter Chrissie in Thailand of natural causes”

However the young girl’s mother demanded her daughter’s body to be returned to the UK for examination fearing a “cover up” by the local police.

With regards to Nick Pearson he says;

 “Nick Pearson was another regrettable death. Lost in the rumor mill that is the Samui Times, is that both a western pathologist and coroner were unable to determine that Mr. Pearson’s death was the result of a murder. Beyond his mother’s “gut feeling” that there was foul play involved, no actual evidence of it was found.”

With regards to the death of dive instructor Jean Francois Louet;

“he was found dead in Suratthani. Jeff had some physical health issues and reportedly some mental health issues, as well”

Mr Drylie goes on to say;

“Your continued bad and inaccurate reporting about Koh Tao is truly wrong. It is almost as if there is a personal vendetta against this island. I do know that one of your reporters became very close to the two Burmese boys is this the true reason why the continued targeting of Koh Tao??”

“In addition to sensationalizing and fictionalizing these truly heartbreaking deaths, some of the writers at the Samui Times are unwittingly casting a shadow across the entire nation. Does anyone 
over there really think that Samui survives in a bubble and will remain unaffected by the shameless, speculative accounts of so-called “suspicious” deaths on a neighboring island?”

“Look around this country, there are so many more tragic deaths. Any reporter is always welcome to come to Koh Tao to really investigate any story. This is what journalism is really about, right?”

What Mr Drylie fails to realise that the common denominator of all of these deaths is that parents are left scrabbling for information, not one of them is happy about the police investigation and all have been left with unanswered questions and the numbers of backpackers losing their lives in Koh Tao is at best alarming. And worse he insists incidents have not taken place without any investigation or even asking where and when it took place as it plain to see in the following comments on the Samui Times article.

It is the opinion of the Samui Times that these deaths warrant further investigation, governments have a responsibility to inform their nationals of the dangers as well as the numbers of deaths taking place on such a tiny island in the Gulf of Thailand.

Source: Samui Times

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