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6/10/2017 06:04:00 pm
Bar girl murder Shane Looker arrested in Ibiza

Spanish police have arrested Shane Looker,

the prime suspect in the 

murder of 
Nana Plaza bar 

girl Laxami “Pook” Manochat 

back in 2014.

Many had thought the case had gone cold and the 47-year-old Brit had got away with murder with no updates since he pleaded his innocence in February 2015, three months after he fled Thailand.

Lead detective in the case at the time Pol Lt-Gen Werapong Chuenpagdee held a press conference in January 2015 stating that an arrest warrant had been issued by Kanchanaburi provincial court for Looker and the Royal Thai Police would seek assistance from Interpol to arrest the British suspect.

Looker, originally from Stoke, England, was the last known person to be seen with Ms Manochat on November 2nd. Police have DNA evidence connecting him to her murder.

On 9th November 2014 it was reported the cut up body of a woman had been found in a suitcase thrown into the Mae Klong River in Kanchanaburi. The body in the suitcase was linked to a missing Soi 4 bar worker from Si Saket on Nov 16th. Police issued CCTV images of the victim leaving Nana Plaza, where she worked as a dancer in the Rainbow 4 go-go bar, with a well-built white man.

Over the course of the next few weeks video footage and new photos were released with fresh appeals for information as police had few leads in the case.

At the beginning of December there were several tip offs to this site that included Looker’s full name, nationality, his address in Hua Hin, a photo of his passport from the immigration system and where he was in hiding, all of which were passed on to Pol Lt-Gen Werapong.

In mid December a search warrant was issued for a property at Tippawan 5 in Hua Hin believed to be the residence of Looker. During the search police discovered the shorts and t-shirt he’d been wearing on the night of November 1st when he was captured on CCTV.

DNA samples taken from several items including nail clippers and a toothbrush matched DNA found in the victim’s nails.

The investigation also led police to a store where Looker had purchased rocks similar to those discovered in the suitcase with the body.

Looker fled Thailand into Malaysia via the Padang Besar border crossing by train on November 24th and headed to Ibiza where he was arrested at a garage on Thursday.

He has been jailed pending extradition proceedings.

Source: Daily Mail

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  1. This is problematic. He is probably guilty BUT Thai police are utterly corrupt and plant evidence with impunity. If I were a Judge there is no way I would grant any attempt at and extradition to Thailand.

    He could be legally charged with murder in the UK and that is where the trial should be heard.

  2. why the UK he doesnt live here or pay taxes here.. it should not cost our legal system one single pence