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6/03/2017 03:05:00 pm
English teacher "wais" and says sorry 

for attacking a primary school student,

but now faces immigration enquiry.

The foreign teacher at the center of an online furor after he attacked a P5 student during an English class has wai-ed the child and his mother in apology.

The school director, who at first tried to keep it quite until the news blew up on social media, has downplayed the incident as a "misunderstanding".

While the teacher was legally in Thailand there are irregularities about his teaching qualifications.

The story broke on Facebook after the boy at the school in Lang Suan, Chumporn told his mother what had happened in English class. He claimed that the teacher had come up to him and grabbed his throat before pushing him into a table then kicking him to the floor.

He had several bruises and was taken to hospital.

The boy said it happened because some of the students were talking in class.

The mother named "Suay" went to see the director who fobbed her off with an excuse saying he would look into it.

Nothing happened until the story erupted online then the school sent a representative to the mother to try and iron things out.

This resulted in the teacher - who was not named - wai-ing and shaking the hands of both mother and son saying he was sorry for what he had done.

School director Suchart meesombat said it was all "a misunderstanding".

He said that the teacher only wanted the children to learn but chose the wrong way to go about it. He added that the year group leader had spoken to the children about talking loudly in class.

And he said that the teacher concerned had been warned about his future behavior.

However, the teacher may not have a future: 

"A local immigration policeman Bunkaew Aepphakwen as saying that following the incident the teacher's documents and credentials had been checked."

While it was found that he is legally in Thailand a check on his teaching credentials showed irregularities and a possible prosecution was likely.

Source: Daily News

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