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Jumping, Accidents, Hanging and Drownings.

Andrew Frank Browning

Severe health problems drove a British man to commit suicide. He jumped from the 7th floor of a Bangkok hotel Monday evening.

At 22:03 on Monday, June 6, Andrew Frank Browning ordered a drink while sitting in the restaurant on the 7th floor of The Westin Grande Sukhumvit hotel. It was his last drink. Only minutes later, the 67-year-old Englishman went out on a balcony on the same floor, climbed on a chair and jumped off the building.

Hotel staff called the police at 22:15 after finding the body of Mr Browning on the ground in front of the hotel. Together with rescue volunteers from the Ruam Katanyu Foundation and a doctor from King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital, deputy investigator Pol Capt Tongbor of Lumpini Police Station went to inspect the scene.

While the staff of the hotel in Bangkok’s Khlong Toei district cordoned off the scene, police were led to the front of the building where the body had impacted. “Mr Browning died of a broken neck he sustained from the fall,” Pol Capt Noppa told Manager Online. Police also noted fractures of both of his legs.

In the pockets of his trousers, police found a farewell letter addressed to his children in which he explained the reasons for his suicide. “My health has been gradually declining over the last 3 years, with pain in leg/knee,” it said. The letter also described what should happen with his belongings.

Police went to the hotel restaurant on the 7th floor from where Mr Browning had jumped and noticed an opened door to one of the balconies with a chair standing outside. “We believe Mr Browning jumped from this chair,” Pol Capt Nosppa said.

Police questioned the staff of the restaurant who reported that Mr Browning had ordered a drink shortly before he committed suicide. “We assume that Mr Browning was no longer able to cope with his health problems as written in his letter and decided to end his life,” Pol Capt Nosppa concluded.

Rescue workers transported the body to King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital for further medical examination. The British Embassy has been made aware of the tragic incident.

Verma Cautam

A man from India was killed and two other severely injured when their car veered off the road in Buriram and collided with a tree.

“At about 04:00 early Saturday morning, a resident notified us about a road accident on Rural Rd 2166,” lead investigator Pol Capt Kajornsak Bucharam at Nong Hong Provincial Police Station said in an official statement that was released later that day. “At least one of the passengers was dead, the others severely injured, he told us.”

Police, Sawang Jamyatan Rescue Foundation volunteers workers and an emergency doctor from Nong Hong Hospital rushed to the scene to help the victims. The exact location of the accident, police said, was between kilometre 58 and 59 on Rural Rd 2166 in a curve about 260 metres north of Ban Non Ngiu temple Buriram’s Sao Dio subdistrict.

“When we arrived, we saw an SUV that had broken through the crash barrier on the left side of the road and collided head-on with trees only a few metres further,” Pol Capt Kajornsak described the scene. Police said the car was a silver four-door Toyota with the Nakhon Ratchasima license plate ขฉ 6707.

In the car, police found three severely injured individuals from India. Whereas two of them did survive the crash, the driver of the car – 28-year-old Verma Cautam – died before rescuers arrived. Rescue workers sent the Amit Kumar, 22, and Sing Umed, 32, to Nong Hong Hospital.

During their investigation, police asked a resident who had witnessed the fatal crash. “He told us that the car headed south towards Nong Ki district at high speed when they reached the curve,” Pol Capt Kajornsak quoted the eyewitness who wished to remain anonymous.

According to the witness, the road had was wet and slippery from a recent rain shower. High speed, a wet road and the fact that the Indian passengers were not familiar with the area eventually caused the car to skid off the road, Pol Capt Kajornsak explained his theory.

“The impact was so strong that it is surprising that two passengers survived the accident,” Pol Capt Kajornsak said. Both are now being treated at Nong Hong Hospital whereas deceased Mr Cautam has been scheduled for a post-mortem examination to find out whether he was driving under the influence of alcohol.

Harry Isaac Hitman

In Friday’s wee hours of the morning, a 30-year-old British tourist was killed in Phuketafter he crashed his scooter into a concrete wall. Police suspect the accident to be alcohol-related.

The fatal road accident was confirmed one day later by Pol Capt Somkiet Sarasit, an investigator at Chalong Provincial Police Station: “At about 02:30 early Saturday morning, we were notified of a road accident with with a foreign man who had died after colliding with a concrete wall.”

Police and volunteers of the local rescue foundation rushed to the scene on Soi Ta-Iad in Phuket’s Chalong subdistrict, about 100 metres west of Phuket Spa. The victim, identified by his international driving license as Harry Isaac Hitman, 30, was catapulted onto the road during the impact. His scooter lay on its side in front of the wall.

“There were no eyewitnesses of the actual crash,” Pol Capt Somkiet told The Phuket News. However, only minutes later, other drivers saw Mr Hitman lying unconsciously on the road and immediately called authorities.

Investigator Pol Capt Somkiet inspected the scene of the accident and found out that Mr Hitman was not wearing a helmet at the time of the crash. “It is highly likely that he was driving at high speed, lost control and subsequently crashed into the wall,” Pol Capt Somkiet believes. “He might have been intoxicated as well.”

Further investigation into Mr Hitman’s case revealed that he held a valid UK driving license for motorbikes and cars. He had entered Thailand with a tourist visa, but Pol Capt Somkiet was unable to state how long he had planned to stay in the Kingdom.

“All we know is that Mr Hitman was staying on Soi Ta-iad, but I am not sure if he was here for fitness training, or how long he was going to stay,” the officer added. One day after the fatal accident, the mother of Mr Hitman arrived in Phuket to organise the repatriation of her son’s body.

Rescue volunteers sent Mr Hitman’s body to Vachira Phuket Hospital where an autopsy is going to be conducted. “Then we know for sure if this accident was alcohol-related or not,” Pol Capt Somkiet said.

Timofei Krasnov

After he had failed to check out, a Russian tourist was found hanged by a housekeeper inside a hotel room in Phuket. Police ruled the death as a suicide triggered by personal problems.

The news website Phuket Hot News reported the death on Friday, June 2. According to the article, the deceased, whose body was discovered the day before, was a 42-year-old Russian tourist named Timofei Krasnov. Deputy investigator Pol Lt Tanakan Uchonratsami of Sakoo Provincial Police Station in the Thalang district of Phuket province confirmed the incident toward Farang Deaths.

The staff of the hotel whose name was withheld reported the gruesome discovery to police at 17:40. Rescue volunteers from the Gusontam Phuket Foundation and additional police officers were dispatched to the hotel located near Naiyang Beach in Mu 3 in Sakoo subdistrict about four kilometres south-west of Phuket International Airport.

When authorities entered the room of Mr Krasnov, they found his lifeless body hanging from a nylon rope which had been knotted around his neck. The other end was attached to a lock bolt and swung over the bathroom door.

“Mr Krasnov’s body did not show any signs of physical struggle or wounds that would indicate that a violent crime had taken place,” Pol Lt Tanakan stated. Asked about the possibility of a break-in, the investigator said that they found several valuable items in the room which contradicts the theory of a robbery.

At the end of their inspection, police photographed the scene and collected items considered as possible evidence. Rescue workers then moved Mr Krasnov’s body to Thalang Hospital where medical examiners will perform a post-mortem examination to confirm the cause of death officially.

During the investigation, Pol Lt Tanakan learned that Mr Krasnov had been staying at the hotel since May 29. A receptionist at the hotel remembered that he checked in alone. “He had planned to check out on June 1 at 12:00, but he committed suicide instead,” investigator Pol Lt Tanak summarised the incident.

When Mr Krasnov still did not show up, hotel staff assumed that he had decided to prolong his stay and sent a housekeeper to clean his room. However, she was unable to open the door whereupon the staff contacted the director of the hotel who noticed that the door was locked from the inside.

Employees managed to gain access to the room by climbing onto the balcony and opening the unlocked glass door. “This is when they found Mr Krasnov’s body,” Pol Lt Tanak said. “Shortly later they notified us of the death.”

Even though police have not found any clues mentioning the reasons for the suicide, Pol Lt Tanak presumed personal problems could have been the trigger. “Mr Krasnov may have suffered from depression related to personal issues,” he speculated. “This could have driven him to hang himself.”

Authorities have notified the Russian Embassy who is now contacting Mr Krasnov’s family to arrange the repatriation of his remains back to the Russian Federation.

Kee Kay Soon & Kee Wen Xun

A family trip to a waterfall in Bueng Kan province turned deadly for a 10-year-old girl and her father. Both ended up drowning.

“The tragedy took place at the Thampra Waterfall in Puwoe National Park,” Pol Capt Pasin Kasitong from Sok Kam Provincial Police Station in Bueng Kan province said. The officer, who is also the lead investigator in this case, told reporters that had been informed of an accident involving two foreigners at 10:45 on Wednesday morning.

A team of officers, emergency doctors and rescue workers arrived at the waterfall in Seka district shortly afterwards to recover the bodies and start their investigation.

Near the waterfall, the team discovered the bodies of a young girl and an older man floating on the three-metre deep water. “We identified them as Kee Kay Soon, 34, and Kee Wen Xun, 10. Both were Malaysian nationals,” investigator Pol Capt Pasin revealed later that day.

According to an initial report, the two had been on a family trip along with the 12-year-old sister and the girls’ Thai-born mother Malinee. The four spend their holiday in the Kingdom to visit relatives in her mother’s hometown in Nakhon Ratchasima and Bueng Kan province.

Thai friends accompanied the family. One of the friends, 34-year-old Suchart Klaisuntia, told police the accident happened as the group was about to leave. Before they left, the daughter reportedly walked back to clean herself.

“The girl suddenly slipped down the rock and crashed into me, and we both fell into the water,” Mr Suchart remembered. “I wanted to pull her up, but it seemed that her leg got stuck under a rock or branch in the water.”

Desperately trying to save his daughter from drowning, father Kee Kay Soon jumped into the water. However, he could not swim and did not manage to keep his head above the water.

The mother, who had also jumped into the water, survived after she was pulled out on the shore. Kee Kay Soon and their daughter Kee Wen Xun had drowned before they could be retrieved.

Rescue workers brought the bodies of Kee Kay Soon and Kee Wen Xun to a hospital in Khon Kaen province where a post-mortem examination will be conducted.

Source: Farang Deaths

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