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Sadistic American expat YouTuber 

‘My Mate Nate’ aka Nate Bartling

films cats fighting scorpion.

Controversial American YouTuber “My Mate Nate,” managed to get himself back in the Thai social media spotlight for animal cruelty again, with a video of his two cats fighting a scorpion while he sits there and laughs.

My Mate Nate, or Nate Bartling, is a former Mormon missionary who somehow became a YouTube star in Thailand famous for “prank videos.” After seeming to fall off the radar months ago after a video was panned for cruelly torturing a fish, his name became the second most trending hashtag on Twitter today, as netizens came together to express their dislike of the dude.

The controversial American YouTuber in the media late last year for an offensive video drew fresh ire this week for pitting his cats against a scorpion.

A scorpion hangs from a cat's mouth in a still image from a video posted. 

Nate Bartling, a 23-year-old former Mormon missionary who posts videos as “My Mate Nate,” posted a video of his cat fighting a scorpion Monday, to the ire of some netizens.

“You shouldn’t think that this is funny. The cat is hurting,” YouTube user Tham Tummai Krai Tham wrote in reply. “I feel sorry for it. If you really love your cat then why did you let it fight with a scorpion?”

In the video, Bartling’s cat is seen fighting a pet scorpion that got loose. Bartling said the scorpion was nonpoisonous. At various points in the clip, the scorpion hangs from the cat’s lip by its pincers to wacky sound effects and flame special effects.

After the scorpion gets a hold of the cat’s mouth with its claw, he laughs and says: “Scorpion: one, Cat: zero.”

Bartling also says, “I love my cat,” in Thai.

His style of prank videos has landed him in hot water before.

The video was even shared by Drama-Addict, one of the most influential Facebook pages on Thai social media.

“I don’t want to share news about this farang (foreigner), because he’s gonna make a sad face and apologize to netizens like he has done many times. Then his fans are going to protect him again.”

“But this is animal cruelty,” Drama-Addict wrote.

Many users pointed out that he has white privilege and Thais tend to be impressed by Westerners who can speak their local language. Bartling speaks Thai in all of his videos and is one of a few farangs in Thailand famous on the internet for sharing their thoughts in Thai.

“This? This is an idol in our society? People see that he’s a farang, so they kiss his ass so much their tongue is touching his balls,” said the top comment, netting 3,000 likes.

“Lowest kind of human, trashy … he should be sent back to where he’s from,” another user said.

Some people shared screenshots of them reporting his YouTube channel. The others question why YouTube still lets Bartling make money off of his “prank” videos.

In November, Bartling publicly apologized for a video where he “tested” people’s

comprehension of English by posing embarrassing questions to them, such as

asking if they were menstruating. 

In previous videos he also pranked 7-Eleven cashiers with 1,600 satang coins and tied his cat to a large number of helium balloons.

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