Sunday, 18 June 2017

6/18/2017 05:25:00 pm


The Pattaya authorities announced this weekend that they have a lot of work to do at  Pattaya's most infamous Soi 6 this week, many bar and go-go clubs can see the arrival of the police and the army.

In the struggle to bring the catering levers on track: 

Pattaya authorities do not provisionally grant new licenses for the opening of such bars. 

Until now, it is unknown how many licenses have been refused and until when this measure is maintained.

This week were all Soi 6 owners informed that they are not allowed to open their nerd before 18:00?

The jail men have been warned in advance to comply with this regulation very well, as they have foreseen high fines and closure of the case.

"They told me I can not open my bar until 18:00," said a bar owner who had not been informed by the authorities.


"It's hard to earn a bar because there's so much competition, but if I can not open at normal times, I do not know how to keep my bar running", adds the bar owner.

"But some bars are still open during the day while some have closed the doors and only open at 6pm"

"I do not know why some barrels may remain open, but others should be under threat of fines and permanent closure.

This oppression is part of a wider change in the way licenses for bars and clubs are issued in the city, reviewing the entire licensing process.

These new measures are being applied by the Pattaya officials to try to transform the city's image, because the foreign media have called Pattaya the city as a "sixth capital city of the world", now it should be a modern, family-friendly tourist city "Going to be"!

The upturns are also due to the increase of bars and massages that promise a happy ending.

Source: Olleke

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