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"It was murder" says Belgian girl's mother as website claims there has been a Koh Tao cover up in supposed suicide by hanging case
 & Mother to arrive in Thailand to find out the truth about daughter’s death!

A popular website was saying there had been a cover up by Thai news media in the death of Elise Dallemagne from Belgium.

And they said that the mother of the victim was demanding a proper investigation and that she suspected her daughter had been murdered then made to look like she had hanged herself to cover up the crime.

The latest claims are bound to add fuel to the fire with some having dubbed the holiday isle in Surat Thani in Thailand's south as "Death Island" after two high profile murders and other mysteries.

Daily News published a page from the victim's passport that showed she was 31 not 30 as previously written. She was listed as being from Brussels.

She was found hanged following a fire at the bungalow where she was staying on the other side of the island.

According to Daily News Chokchai Sutthimek leading the case for Koh Tao police was sticking to his version that the victim was found hanged on Tuesday and had probably been dead since the 23rd or 24th.

But "CSI LA" online claimed that there had been a cover up by the Thai media to suppress the unwanted news.

The Belgian embassy has been informed and the mother contacted but she believes that her daughter did not take her own life and was in fact murdered.

She was believed to be en route to collect her daughter's possessions.

Several young people have gone missing in mysterious circumstances on the island where two British nationals were found slain, a crime for which two Burmese men were convicted and are on death row.

Known as the B2 many believe them to be innocent and that the island harbors a dark secret.

Mother of dead Belgian woman to arrive in 

Thailand to find out the truth 

about daughter’s death.

The mother of a Belgian woman who was found dead on Koh Tao on April 27 plans to arrive in Bangkok to find out the real cause of her daughter’s death after police on the popular island insisted that the victim committed suicide by hanging herself to death.

Michele van Egten, mother of 30-year old Elise Dallemagne, has persistently refused to buy the police’s claim of suicide. She has appealed to anyone who has information about her daughter’s movements before her death to come forward. She also claimed that she has never received the autopsy report as promised by the police.

Earlier, Mrs Egten posted a message on “Agama Community Phangan” Facebook group page on June 26, asking anyone who knows Elise to contact her. Koh Phangan, also in Surat Thani province, is located near Koh Tao where Elise was found dead.

“Please respect the following question : about Elise, just write to me in private if you are a friend of her or maybe a witness of what happened to her. The police investigation is not finished and we are still waiting for the autopsy report. Thank to all of you,” she wrote.

Another message was posted on June 20. It reads:

“What happened to Elise Dallemagne? She died on Kho Tao between the 19th of april and the 27th of april. Thank you all to give us some informations.”

Pol Lt-Col Chokechai Sutthimek, an inquiry officer attached to Koh Tao sub-station, reiterated Thursday that Dallemagne hanged herself to death to a tree and her body was found 5-6 days after her death.

He said that autopsy conducted by the Institute of Forensic Medicine of the Police General Hospital confirmed the victim died of suffocation from hanging. He claimed that he had informed the Belgian embassy in Bangkok and the victim’s mother about the autopsy report.

Pol Col Wichob Kerdkliang, deputy commander of Surat Thani provincial police, said he had instructed officers in charge of investigating case to try to find additional evidences, including witness accounts as well as forensic evidences, which could help clear any doubt about the case.

The officers were also told to re-examine the CCTV footages for more clues.

He said he expected an update of the report about the case in three days.

Source: PBS & Daily

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