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7/05/2017 01:36:00 pm

Iraqi national arrested for allegedly stealing 

60,000 baht from tourist & Uzbek tourist 

arrested with fake US dollars.

Stealing Iraqi national arrested. An Iraqi national was 

yesterday arrested for allegedly stealing 60,000 baht from a 

tourist at a hotel last week. 

The suspect, Ouday Kadim Rashek, 27, was arrested at a housing estate in Vichit.

“The victim, a tourist from Qatar, told us that he came to Thailand with a friend on June 26 and was initially scheduled to go back on June 30. A day after his arrival, he told hotel staff that his room keycard was stolen while he was swimming and requested a new one. Later that night, he went out with his friend.”

“When he returned to the hotel at about 3:30am, he found the cash missing from the safe in his room. Hotel staff then informed him that about 20 minutes after he left, a man called from his room to reception, saying that he had forgotten the password to the safe. The caller identified himself as the guest and provided the right name, so the staff gave him the password.”

The man then asked the hotel staff to call a taxi for him. Up until this point, the staff were unaware that he was not a guest at their hotel.

Police investigated CCTV footage and located the suspect. Mr Rashek was charged with, but denied committing, theft. 

He was also charged for entering the Kingdom illegally.

Uzbek tourist arrested with fake US dollars

A tourist from Uzbekistan was arrested for trying to exchange 

fake US dollars at a money exchange yesterday. 

“Karnika Patkong, 59, the owner of M&P money exchange, informed us that a tourist asked for Thai baht and Malaysian ringitt in return for US$1,700. He suspected the US dollars were forged, so he called us and stalled the tourist until officers arrived at the scene.”

Police arrived to find the suspect, Boboyeb G’olijon Obidovivh, 27, still at the shop.

“We had the notes examined by the exchange officer at M&P money exchange as well as at a Bangkok Bank branch. They found that nine of the notes were fake and eight were genuine.”

Mr Obidovivh told police that he had arrived in Thailand from Malaysia on Sunday and was scheduled to stay for 15 days. 

He added that the currency he had brought with him was ‘real’, but the notes may have been switched during a previous transaction at a Bangkok Bank branch, the staff of which allegedly told him they did not have enough Thai baht in exchange for US dollars.

Mr Obidovivh was arrested and taken to the Police Station for further legal processing.

Officers said the suspect's story "sounded made up" but are nevertheless investigating the matter further with Bangkok Bank.

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