Friday, 11 August 2017

8/11/2017 05:23:00 pm
A Pattaya taxi driver and a tourist came to 

blows on Thursday night leaving the foreigner 

laid out cold on the roadside and needing 

hospital treatment.

Funnily enough, the cabbie didn’t do a runner and waited on cops to give his side of the story.

The unidentified foreigner was given first aid at the scene by rescue volunteers on Soi 2 before being taken to hospital for further treatment.

The taxi driver admitted punching the man out cold to police saying he was ferrying a passenger to their destination when the man ran into the road to hit his car.

He went on to say he then got out his taxi to see what the problem was as the foreigner was blocking his way.

Things got heated, the foreigner pulled the cabbies shirt which is when he landed him with a knockout blow.

Police told reporters they would question the foreigner when he recovered before pressing any charges.

Source: Siam

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