Thursday, 10 August 2017

8/10/2017 02:31:00 am
A foreign man was attacked today by four 

youths outside a 7/11 store in Ao Nang, Krabi.

The story was being shared across the Line application.

Police are looking for the four assailants but the foreigner in the case is also missing.

The attack happened on the beach road on Tuesday in the popular holiday resort.

A video possibly taken on a phone showed the foreigner knocked to the ground in a fist fight.

He was then punched and kicked unconscious as he lay on the ground.

Channel 3 reporters at the scene today said that locals told them that the Thai youths and the foreigner all on motorcycles had been playing a cat and mouse game on the highway as they rode along.

When they all parked outside the store they said that the angry foreigner went for the youths with a crash helmet.

He was then attacked, they claimed.

Ao Nang police told Channel 3 that they had now seen footage of the incident and were about to look at footage from the 7/11’s CCTV to get a clearer picture of those involved.

They said no reports had been made to them either from the Thai men or the foreigner. They are hunting all involved.

Without giving any reason for their assumptions, they said that they expected that the foreigner was either in hospital or recovering in his room.

Investigations are continuing.

Source: Samuitimes

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